Beginning website overhaul...need advice on 4 key topics!

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hi guys. Having made some mistakes historically I'm now looking at overhauling my site, which is basically active in:

- ecommerce
- content/blogging
- elearning

The site has over 40 plugins (aiming for 10 max for the new site), which is clearly nuts. Right now, the site uses the following:

- Valenti Themeforest theme (child of)
- Woocommerce for store
- WC's Sensei plugin for courses and elearning (40,000 learners!)
- Thrive Architect for Landing Pages
- Optinmonster for leads
- Active Campaign for email

Basically, before I even begin this, I need to be crystal clear on a few points, which I'd love your advice on. They are:

- Should I move all the courses and course learners to a dedicated subdomain ie.
Obviously with 40,000 orders and learners our Woocommerce set up is bloated.

- Should I ditch Woocommerce for Thrive Cart?
We already have lifetime access to TC. And we don't sell 100s of products, so the benefits of WC reduce. Also like many I have lived in mortal fear of WC updates for a long time. On the downside, we have many long-standing WC URLs that will need to be redirected so there will be some WC clean up work to be done. Then, finally, there is the issue that WC pages are incredibly difficult to rank on Google.

- Theme-wise we want to ditch Valenti. Probably for Thrive Themes' new theme builder. But this is in BETA and is coming on slooowlly. Which leaves us in this strange netherworld...this isn't a question, per se, just a frustration!

Anyway would really appreciate any insight anyone can give on the above...

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