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Hi there,

I have written a wordpress article which has many images. I went through it recently and found out that all images I can see on the page add up to less than 700kb.

When I do a Pingdom page test, the results say that there is around 5mb of images.

Would anyone have any idea where all of this extra image size is coming from? My guess is that there are duplicates in the source code but don't have a clue how to remove them!

The article in question: https://lifetechpro.co.uk/how-to-deal-with-insomnia/

Many thanks,
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    Thank you for your reply Amit.

    I completely agree with you that optimizing images is crucial and I have optimized my images with that plugin myself. However, this doesn't explain the difference between the size difference between what I can see displayed on the post, and the results the Pingdom test returns.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Many thanks,
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    You also need caching and compression to reduce the size of your website. Anything from your css to plugins can consume a lot of memory. Try to disable plugins you don't need and see if that helps. Also, a very good caching plugin is necessary.
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