Who's the "best" independent auto shop in your area, and how are they designing their web pages?

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Hello everyone,
I run an auto repair shop, I'm mostly in the office handling marketing, selling jobs, ordering parts, etc. In 2015 i saw that we were being free netflix screwed by a web company who completely was taking us to the cleaners for nothing. So i buckled down, learned everything i netflix free trial needed and now we have a nice site that ranks well and looks "modern". I say modern because in my opinion it looks a little 2016 - 2017.

Basically it's time for an overhaul. I've googled major us cities and checked the sites on some of their top landers and upcoming movies they are all, lets just say they're not who we are.

We're small, we focus on advanced diagnostics, we're younger than 90% of the industry and our brand is polished.

So I'm wondering what the real players in the local service based business nationwide are doing in both design and content.

Our business needs to attract more people our age, and we already get plenty of customers who found us online.
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    we're younger than 90% of the industry

    attract more people our age

    Perhaps I'm dense - but how on earth does age matter when you need auto repairs....do you only want to fix newer cars - or only work with young customers? Makes no sense to me - am I missing something?

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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      Perhaps I'm dense - but how on earth does age matter when you need auto repairs....do you only want to fix newer cars - or only work with young customers? Makes no sense to me - am I missing something?
      Oh yeah it matters... you generally don't want some old cooter working on your "Tuned" what ever it is.. and you don't want some young punk working on your 68.

      To add to the above post.. it was statements like that one, that give me indications of what type of shop he has
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    Let me give you an answer from a web designer.. forget looking at other sites and what have you.. I will guess your site is probably the better looking site in your community. what you DO need to be looking at it YOUR BRAND and how that site matches that. How close astheticaly does your website MATCH walking into your shop.

    The longevity game is in extending your advertising reach to Brand while keeping up with drawing in the day to day advertising.

    You are suggesting your shop strength is "Advanced Diagnostics" I don't know what that means in terms of an auto shop ( tuner shop? ) but I know as a pretty knowledgeable auto guy ( well actually Im a truck guy - but I do have a Honda S2000 pushing 450hp ) that you say "advanced diagnostics" and I think OBD2 Scanners and the like. If you must.. I would go up the market vertical to find sites that by product are closer to a match in terms of you and your brand.. start there with some inspiration.

    So I actually do a bit more than web design... one of the things we do is Brand identification and clarity.. fancy words for a web designer and interior / exterior designer. There comes a point where it is that important for you and your brands message needs to be communicated in all aspects of your business. A Tuner shop owner driving around in a labelled up Prius... not so good LOL - and oh I have seen it hahaha but you get the idea.

    Concern yourself less with what others are doing at this point and look at your own business.. think of your BRAND and go from there. Consistency from logo, to paperwork ( receipts, letter head, envelopes etc ) signage on building and advertising.. your company vehicles, YOUR vehicle down to your employees vehicles.. if they don't match the image they need to be parked out back and out of site ( a chevy truck at a ford dealership is a great example ) and then this carries to in the shop office.. what does the furniture in your shop say? Whats more high tech a Coffee pot or a Kuerig? color is real important it needs to look the part. Your shop itself.. same thing.. if your high tech, it needs to look high tech and clean. Just bring BRAND to every aspect of your business.

    The short... Basically allow your business to dictate what your site looks like.

    Hope that Helps!
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