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Hey guys,
NUB here. I want to design a process based website. Not really in the public domain, as it won't mean lick to anyone outside of my work. I have never done any coding, and don't plan on learning a whole bunch. Basically I'm planning on building a couple of pages to present the idea to the powers that be to represent my ideas.

Here is what I need to do:
This is a mechanical rebuild shop. I'm trying to bring it into the 20th century with digital inspections vs paper using a tablet. Although there are many more points, I'll use the incoming inspection as my presentation idea. Every action line below, must be completed in full before proceeding.

I want to start with buttons -
"Employee ID"
"Start New Inspection" or "Resume Inspection" (Then choices dependent on selection...)

Once inspection would begin, there are 25+/- questions. As each question is asked, a yes/no answer will dictate a comment and require a photo. When the photo part is required, there would be example photo(s) above the open camera to indicate what is expected. As each photo is taken it adds it to a specific folder in a database. There would also be a picture of the item, with clickable points to highlight where the damaged parts are located (this data would also translate for a report). Based on the input at the beginning any part selected would also start a parts list, for ordering.

As I typed this out, I realize this is probably way beyond my abilities, and free website design? Maybe I should just build a powerpoint.... but I still would like input as to how this is realized so I can take this forward.

Thanks in advance for answering!
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    Possible options:

    1. Custom website-based app to handle your business process. Created from scratch using PHP or any relevant script.
    2. Highly customized WordPress or other content management system.
    3. Mobile app with website-based admin backend.

    The work at hand is not web design, but a web app development.
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    Well it's a simple you have to need a complete inspection management system, which can manage all your tasks automatically, there are few things to be considered:
    1. You just need a customize website on open source system, it's on PHP.
    2. Login section is allow to user.
    3. Administrative login is also allowed for all the module work.
    4. Mobile responsive is necessary.
    Above thing is considerable.
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    Eli Krahulec
    I have some suggestion regarding your query. You can use possible options like:

    You need a customized Website based on business.
    A mobile app with a website.
    Chrome developer tools.
    Login section where a user allows.
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    Here are some very useful tips to create any business website-
    1. Think about your customer needs and why customer visit your website and what your presenting to your customer is most important
    2. Use professional and domain-specific website An unprofessional website can potentially put customers off
    3. Update your website regularly or blog especially if you include information about your prices, new launches, offers, etc
    4. Make sure your contact details address are correct and easy for your customers to find
    5. Promote your website content over social media channels and affiliate websites
    6. Find out how you can make your website easy for search engines, such as Google, to find. This is called search engine optimisation (SEO). A web developer can help you with SEO for your website.
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