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Hey guys,
NUB here. I want to design a process based website. Not really in the public domain, as it won't mean lick to anyone outside of my work. I have never done any coding, and don't plan on learning a whole bunch. Basically I'm planning on building a couple of pages to present the idea to the powers that be to represent my ideas.

Here is what I need to do:
This is a mechanical rebuild shop. I'm trying to bring it into the 20th century with digital inspections vs paper using a tablet. Although there are many more points, I'll use the incoming inspection as my presentation idea. Every action line below, must be completed in full before proceeding.

I want to start with buttons -
"Employee ID"
"Start New Inspection" or "Resume Inspection" (Then choices dependent on selection...)

Once inspection would begin, there are 25+/- questions. As each question is asked, a yes/no answer will dictate a comment and require a photo. When the photo part is required, there would be example photo(s) above the open camera to indicate what is expected. As each photo is taken it adds it to a specific folder in a database. There would also be a picture of the item, with clickable points to highlight where the damaged parts are located (this data would also translate for a report). Based on the input at the beginning any part selected would also start a parts list, for ordering.

As I typed this out, I realize this is probably way beyond my abilities, and free website design? Maybe I should just build a powerpoint.... but I still would like input as to how this is realized so I can take this forward.

Thanks in advance for answering!
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