Woocommerce website load slow because of variants

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Hey guys,

I have a woo-commerce website,

My product page has multiple colors and sizes as variants and upon selection they load very slow.

Has anyone had this issue before?

How do you fix it?

Here is my website:

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    Are you using shared web hosting?
    -You could also use plugins that can compress your images file sizes without giving up quality.
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    The server response time looks pretty slow to me. Either it's the server or a script. Make a test and put an empty html file into your website folder. Then check via developer tools in your browser (if you're close to where your customers live) or pingdom tools (if your customers live in a different country) how fast that file loads. If the response time it still slow, change the hosting.

    And in any case change the theme to something more optimized. That theme is one of those typical visual composer "all purpose" themes. Slow and full of stuff you don't need. 1.6 mb css and 1.2 mb javascript uncompressed for a simple webshop is pretty excessive.
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    Go to pingdom and run a site test. IT could be a variety of things slowing your site .

    You might need to compress your files
    Get better hosting
    Get rid of thin content
    Broken links
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