What html editor do you use?

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What html editor do you use? I use Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003 but it no longer shows some designs properly.
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    I'm using the Adobe Dreamweaver as an HTML editor
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    Look into Atom, available for Mac and windows. Fairly new but versatile.
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    Notepad++ is quite a good free option and also a very lightweight application with a simple interface

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    Microsoft has the free Expression Web4 as a progression from Frontpage.
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    I use Sublime text editor 3. its great & can add plugins that will hilight faulty code.
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    I too use Sublime for both HTML / PHP , it has syntax highlighting feature to notify if things are wrong.

    Also I use Dreamweaver.
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    i am also use dreamweaver
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    Atom is the best option for almost everyone, and certainly for beginners. It's my HTML editor of choice for any personal projects I have for the simple reason that it just works, and is very nice on the eye too!
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    Notepad ++
    Aptana Studio 3.
    Sublime Text.
    Phase 5 HTML editor
    these are some of the best HTML editor.
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    Pinegrow is what Dreamweaver should have been.
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    Sublime text and visual studio code. I tried downloading atom but it wouldn't work for me for some reason. I might try later. I briefly used notepad plus plus but it didn't seem to have the ability to use shortcuts such as the one that automatically brings up the html boiler plate.
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    For general web development, my go-to is Sublime Text for the fact that it's fairly lightweight, portable, and has a set of features that I use often. I do a lot of work in Dev-C++, Eclipse, and NetBeans, but even then I find myself working my code in Sublime and copying it over.
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    Atom is open source and it works across operating systems. You can work with Git and GitHub directly from Atom with the GitHub package.

    Available for rent
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    For WYSIWYG Adobe Dreamweaver otherwise sublime text.
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