Upgrade my website. Will it affect google rank

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Hi all, my current website is fine but am having issues customising due to coding issues when it was built. Even to change the font, I have to go to the code etc.

I am currently having the page re- created exactly . the same but with a more modern simpler code. My question is, will this affect my google rank etc. The text will be the same but hopefully the site will be faster. It's a Wordpress site. Thanks. Robert
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  • It might increase your rank! Take a look at a set of tools like this- https://smallseotools.com/ and they will show you what different things affect your ranking. It's not just views, it's your code, it's the size of your images, it's how your site runs js. There are a lot of factors. Unless you are starting over with a new URL, you'll start from somewhere.
    I like to put "SEO" on my calendar 2x a month just to check on everything and I look at an analytics report at the end of every month. It does more than just tell me how many views and clicks I have- it shows me what my viewers understand and value - I can see from their maps and clicks.
    Congrats on moving forward with a site that you can more easily interact with- another BIG part of SEO is fresh content!
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    Make sure that you catch any pages that may no longer exist (e.g. 404 error) and then perform a 301 redirect to the new page.

    Using WordPress?? - You need this plugin
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    Yes.. it can effect your ranking if you won't set 301 redirects properly
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    Well, you can always try it and change it back if it fails majorly.
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    Might be worth signing up to Webmaster Tools which will help flag any errors on the site.

    Also take a look at Google Page Insights and Pingdom.com to help monitor things before and after the new design with regards to page weight and code etc.

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    Yes it will affect your rankings. It is necessary that we must not make changes in the website frequently. Always it is better to make small changes or no change.
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    just check your website errors. that shouldn't affect ranking.
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    Updating content is a great idea...as long you don't drastically change the keyword density of the words you're ranking for and IF you change the URL you set up a redirect. I use a really simple plugin called "redirection" if I change my URL's.
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    Certainly there will be a drop or atleast a change in google rank when you do a change to your side either in content or in design.

    But follow the steps to minimise the impact
    # Use a light weight theme with only required plugins , this will help the site load faster.
    # Make sure to retain the keywords / meta tags ,titles on the respective pages.
    # Take a back-up of your current site's sitemap & then after you do the changes , take another fresh copy of sitemap , check & compare these two , that will give you an idea on how in general a search engine will look at your site.
    # Submit your new Sitemap to Google via Webmaster Tools a/c
    # Use Google Analytics to check the traffic before & after the changes you made

    There are still lot more technical things to be done to improve your ranking , try to learn from online resource or hire a professional.

    Wish you all the best !!
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