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I'm a WordPress Web designer. I have been doing Web Design using the Word press platform for over 8 years for friends and friends and small business owners. I was wondering how can I find consistent Web Design work without joining UpWork or something.

I was thinking maybe creating a WebSite and sell my Web Design services. However how would I get traffic to my site In order to get customers to pay for my Web Design service.

Would appreciate any tips or tricks you may have.
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    Starting your own site could take a while to build, maybe you could try to find a website that already does website design and ask them if you could contract with them to do design work. There are many people out there that contract out this type of work.
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      Starting your own site could take a while to build
      If they're a web designer....and it takes a while to build a site, I don't think he will get much business no matter what they do!
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    Try something like freelancer or fiverr maybe in the short term. Long term probably a good idea to make your own website!

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      Yeah I was looking Into those sites to get some work. The only problem Is that clients on there tend to hire people with a lot of reviews and overlook newbies.
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        yes right kingcuda

        Hey varun,
        how can reach out to local business client?
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    I would definitely create your own site to show people what you're capable of doing. Getting traffic to your site is simple and there are many ways to do this. They have all been very well documented in this forum.

    Use the search function to find other threads asking about increasing traffic. You should be able to quickly find a lot of great information.

    First step though, get that killer website up and running!

    You can go all out and start building a contact list using an opt-in. Offer something for free in exchange for their email address. Teach people about web design. Share tools and tricks with your audience.

    If your audience is built correctly, they should all eventually be requiring some web design services. You can have a call to action at the end of each email campaign offering your web design services. You keep in touch with your list often, providing valuable content for them, and whenever they are ready to get something designed, you're their go to person.
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    Well i think the way to do it its to find cheap kobs and to work for less on freelancing sites .After that people will rate you and you will build your reputation and you will get easy work after that .Its a painful process but you need to do it
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      I though about doing that on UpWork. The only thing let's say If I agree to do a simple site for let's say $100 dollars the client tends to take advantage and they always ask for revisions or edit this edit that. Making the project last way longer then what $100 dollars Is worth. I see what you mean by start cheap then build up a portfolio and reviews then work should become easier to find. Thank you for your advice.
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        You can't nickel and dime your business like that. For a service based business, you need to give the customer 100% and bend over backwards to give them the best experience. That's your secret sauce. How can you separate yourself from all the other web designers out there? They all provide the same technical skill. What you can do differently is provide a better customer experience.

        I've seen freelancers offer "X revisions included". If you go that route, I would hope you produce the product I want after those revisions. I may not mind paying more for additional revisions, but your review would not be as glowing as it would be if you offered UNLIMITED revisions.

        This is the same concept as online products offering a FULL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE of their product or service. This truly entices customers to buy because they have nothing to lose. It's also proven that most people won't bother going through the process of asking for money back, even if they are deserving of it. However, you are offering tremendous value this way. Sure, you may end up giving back some money, but you (should) be getting a LOT more happy customers buying into your offer.

        Take care of the customer and don't count how much money you make per hour of work. Recipe for disaster.
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    The best ways for you is to google web design work service and the second tip is although you mentioned no upwork or fiverr, those platform can be a good use if you post a long term offer for design work and request for some copy of the design works that have been done by the designers so that you can make sure they are good. Then, you can just communicate to them with skype
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    I think you should definitely build your own site. Any business worth the name has its own website and you can use it to show your portfolio of designs, offer tips and latest news from the industry and so on.

    Once your site starts to figure in the search results you will find the work opportunities will start coming.

    Without your own website you're 'invisible'


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      Thanks Martin. I can see your point.
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    For this you have to make your profiles on various websites so that people will know about you. After this you should visit freelancer website that are legally validated to avoid scams and start bidding on these sites like Upwork etc.
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    Connect with web design companies who are actually looking for temporary web-designers. Show them your work; if they like it, they will hire you.
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    What you need is a good client acquisition setup, my suggestion is cold email, it work so much i still haven't found a way to keep the hundreds of clients emailing me back to buy from me... i allways was under the impression that cold email don't work but they do, just had to do 3-4 course on that and now i'm golden
    So in shot, send a few thousands email and you'll have more work than you can manage lol
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    You must build your own website first to showcase your work. Do not ignore freelance marketplaces because there will be no third person to secure your payment and other issue if you do. Focusing on details oriented cover letter is very important to get bulk amount of job.
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    Hi KingCuda,

    As per my experience. You can first reach out to local business of your city who seek the service with small budget. Once you get 5-10 work and happy clients. Their network and mouth publicity will work for you. Before approaching them, make sure to build a strong portfolio and give them a deal which they can not deny.

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    Find it strange and somewhat bizarre that an experienced web developer does not have a website of his own.

    Take action and put up your own site.


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    You can join fiverr and lower your price with time , you will get a bunch of satisfy clients and you can direct them to your personal website. This will be the best way to get free traffic from fiverr
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    Many ways to find new customers. If you want driving traffic to your site services, you must have SEO techniques and skill. Imagine if you can drive a traffic for at least 100 people per day, then in a month you can have as many as 3000 organic visitors. And at least 10% become as your customers, so if they are satisfied with your job, they will be one loyal customer , especially when the website is expire for renewal purpose.
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    Yes, first thing first. No one would ever risk contracting a newbie to building a website for them. Even if you try to place yourself in the same shoe, it is impractical. So the best thing I would suggest is that you start by developing a killer website. Tell the public that I did this and so I can do even a better job for you. This way, you will never run out of work. So take your time and focus on building your network?
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    If you want customers through a search engine like Google so search engine optimization in short SEO is the best way to get traffic on your website and it was not a difficult thing you have some basic knowledge of SEO.
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    you can try themeforest
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  • Since you have been doing web designs for friends and small business owners, try creating a Facebook page or a website where you can promote your services. Your previous works may serve as your portfolio. After creating a Facebook page, You can share it to your own personal account and ask friends to spread the word about it.
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