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by Madayo
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I am thinking about a redesign of my website.
User experience is getting more and more important for SEO.

I want to ask around:
What are the best elements for user experience you've seen?
Let's find good examples together.
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    What type of website do you have?
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    Responsive theme
    Fast loading speed
    Easy to navigate
    Content topics orgainized
    Good descreptions
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    Firstly, understand the objective of your website, and then make sure every page on the site has its own objective that supports the site objective.

    When you've got that sorted make sure the customer journey to your conversion page as smooth as possible.

    Make sure your navigation is intuitive so people can find their way around your site with ease from wherever they are in the site.

    And focus on the techy stuff:

    - Good mobile experience
    - Fast page load speeds
    - Correct semantic tagging
    - Good readability (meaning font type, size and spacing, as well as language)


    WealthyDragon - Earning My Living Online
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    1. Strategy
    2. Foundational Requirements
    3 Skeleton
    4. Surface
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    User experience related with SEO :
    - speed loading website
    - SSL certificate for security reason
    - site structure
    - easy navigations
    - mobile friendly site
    - simple layout
    - etc
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    Hello Madayo,
    Firstly you have to decide which type of website you want to design after that make a strategy about that and always use a responsive theme for your website, make layout, filter important points which factors you want on your website. Make sure content should be unique, easy to understand, use heading tags, navigation links,and good keywords. Hope this information will help you.
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    Your loading speed, ease of navigation, being mobile friendly, an aesthetic design, having organized and quality content, and the inclusion of 'white space' all contribute to the success of your site.
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