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I am looking for help building a new website. In the past I have used Erica Stone's (Sojourn on WF) Xtreme Review but it is a bit outdated now (a lot of the scripts in it don't apply to updated plugins, themes, etc). I tried to contact her concerning an updated edition but haven't heard back. Is there another site/guide/book that is recommended? My site will be focused on on outdoor activities, will have a blog, and will have reviews (Amazon affiliate). Are there any specific themes recommended? I used Magazine Basic in the past but it seems it has been discontinued. Thanks in advance!
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    Themes are a personal preference. What we like and works for us may not be true for you.

    Once the website is built, how involved will you be in making updates to it aside from adding blogs and reviews? Do you want a hand in building the site or just get a packaged deal from a designer?

    Why not try one of the companies on fiverr? Website design is one of the largest niches on that site and due to high competition, the pricing is more than fair as well.
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    Hey, Clickfunnels is super easy to work if you haven't tried it before. I design sites using it and use the Sharefunnel feature to give it to my clients. Hosting costs them $19 with Clickfunnels after that. In saying that if you know how to use Wordpress they have more plugins but I find with a little help my clients can make some customisations themselves in Clickfunnels which they like, whereas Wordpress is too complicated for most of them.
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    Wordpress all the way, it's easy, cheap and you can do whatever you want with it...
    oh and no, it's not clomplicated at al, wordpress sooo easy
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      Exactly; but for someone who has no clue there is a learning curve. For those I would recommend watching WordPress For Non-Techies on YouTube. He also has a Facebook group that is very helpful.
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    Hello Pmsirth2022! I can imagine your site completely.

    Honestly if want a free theme and one that is beautiful to use, you should use the elementor plug in on Wordpress.

    This plug in has countless free themes with blog integration. Wordpress is easy to use, and you can build an amazing website with this platform.

    One theme is called Hottrip, its already made for "outdoor" kinda look.

    Check it out.
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    Wordpress is the best open source CMS to develop websites, in wordpress we can easily develop our websites, we can find responsive themes and plugins, easily customizable, and SEO friendly...
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    Wordpress is probably the most popular platform. I personally like to use Wix. I think it depends on your preferences but both are incredibly easy and affordable to use.
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    I tried to contact her concerning an updated edition but haven't heard back.

    I have never known Erica NOT to reply so perhaps you are sending to a wrong adddress? You can PM her on this forum - she posted here just a couple weeks ago and has active WSOs on this forum...
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    Wordpress will be your best bet, very easy to use any plugin . You can do anything you want with it
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    If you want build a website, first, you must be decide to choose one of some CMS. I recommend to use Wordpress CMS. Because this is the best CMS have been used for web designer. And for the theme, I think its depend with your business models. Should remember to use theme only related with your business type.
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    now you can use divi by elegant themes which is powerful
    wp builder plugin user friendly and can be done in minutes
    and easy to use do chek it out...
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    Go with Siteground + Wordpress + OceanWP + Elementor. If you have a bit more money invest on Elementor Pro and install Custom Post Types UI and Advanced Custom Fields.

    Afterwards, you have too many possibilities. (Don't wanna say endless, lol).

    Someone mentioned the channel WordPress For Non-Techies on YouTube. If that's the one from Adam something, then yeah, definitely check it out!
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