Are breadcrumbs outdated in website design?

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Are breadcrumbs outdated in website design?
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    If you have a complex website with numerous URLs or pages, then breadcrumb can be a useful tool. It is also essential if you have an eCommerce website. But, many will say that breadcrumb is an outdated navigation feature, because: ... It is effective if the website design is not good.
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      You build sites for visitors, not for scheme. When it gets right down to it it's people that are doing the work for you out there. Of course, build that SEO!

      People search for information. Customers do research, women do the buying. Only the necessary information and only where it's needed, put it before the fold. I would say that breadcrumbs are still useful to supplement your navigation but I wouldn't want to use them everywhere. I would definitely use them in a shop. I would use them wherever I knew my visitor's eyeballs were staying at the top of the page. A header menu is more generalistic than a breadcrumb link.
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    Breadcrumbs currently its still useful to easily search engine bots crawl your site. And also, breadcrumbs is one website structure that recommended from SEO'er. You can custom this features (breadcrumbs) inside your site.
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    For custom mobile based web design breadcrumbs are no good. But for a better desktop design, breadcrumbs always help visitors in giving them better navigation for a website. So, I don't say they are outdated but can be optimised better as per the design of the website.
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