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Hi all. I am back to trying to make a new WordPress website. All I want to know is how to add a second and third page, to the site. The last 2 days were a nightmare. Hostgator told me to try Weebly. No good themes over there either. It appears that no matter what "Theme" there is, that Theme is more of a big piece of Artwork. 90% of the front page of the themes either on WordPress or Weebly, come with either a picture of a lady doing some Yoga Pose or Animals of one kind or another or some other large artwork picture!! Can someone recommend a better theme actually geared toward Affiliate Marketing tool reviews, please? I am going nowhere fast, and the sheer FRUSTRATION is getting pretty bad. Also, if you know of an Alternative to WordPress, an alternative that will allow pics and reviews and banners on a site, can you please let me know. I just want to make a site to review the good and bad offers I have bought. Thanks for all replies!

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    Hi Rick,

    Tough forum love: I'm not going to give you the answer because you need to learn how to find this and future solutions to problems.

    When faced with a problem like this, ask yourself: how many people have successfully done what I'm trying to do? In your case, millions of people have created Wordpress sites with more than 1 page.

    So, if you're trying to find the answer to something millions of people already know, go to Youtube and search "how to add multiple pages in Wordpress". Every single video on the first page will be made by a Wordpress expert and able to visually guide you through this process.

    That will also be much faster and much less frustrating that going through someone's step by step written response here.

    Not trying to be rude. I'm seriously teaching you a valuable skill to learn so you won't get as frustrated in the future.

    Good luck!
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    This is a good place to start with Gutenberg tutorial videos. https://www.wp101.com/
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    OK, let's be even more helpful here

    Gutenberg is for many an 'update' that has absolutely no use. If you like to post articles and pages the 'normal' way, just install CLASSIC EDITOR and it will disable Gutenberg.
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    To build an attractive Wordpress website, if you wish and have a budget, you can buy premium Wordpress theme. Using the premium theme, you can customise as design as you want. How to custom front end, header menu, footer, sidebar, widget, slider, contact form, and whatever, you can found in like this theme. And to solve your gutenberg, you can install classic editor.
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