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I just almost-finished my website. It's time to do the final touch up and I would like to get your perceptions and opinions. the site's url is this
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    Not trying to be negative, but I think you need a bit of work. The layout is not very good , the background image is poorly implemented, the masthead? looks like something from the 90s. As content lite as the home page is, it takes over 5 seconds to load. Your messaging and communication needs some work as well. What exactly are you trying to sell here and who is your target. No really clear from the copy.

    Honestly, if I came to this site looking for services I would click my back button quickly. Sorry to be critical, but I try to be honest. Good luck.
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      Actually it helps me a lot!! I will start working on that and once it is done could I trouble you with another peek?

      I am looking to competition and I see that I was reaching out too wide and that there is no clear line.
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    Guys, I have corrected the site. Could you check it one more time? I think it is looking quite good. I am much more happy with this new look. . .

    Thank you for your time! <3
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      Looks much better, the first impression is far more professional than the first iteration. When I have time later this week I'll go through the rest of the site, but at first glance, I'd say two thumbs up, it is 100% better than the 1st one.
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        Thank you! yes, please. I'll be waiting for your comments. . . I am so happy that you like it!
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    Your website looks good, but if I am extra picky, here are some things I have to say:

    1. When you scroll to 04. Say Hi to Our Clients part, the image is way above the text part. I don't like that. It looks like something is broken. Try to make it be at the same level.

    2. The review part is on the right side down there, but the left side is empty. Maybe put some images there?

    3. Since you are using Wordpress, I recommend you to use Cache plugin and Minifying plugin, especially for those extra animations. Your website loads slow.

    4. The text on your website could use the touch of a copywriter for better conversions.

    5. You don't have a favicon yet.

    There are more things to say, but they do require a lot of inspecting work and I have no idea if you're even going to take note of them.

    Good luck!
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      I am going to take note of all of them. I am actually right now moving on to doing the plug ins. Please do be as picky as possible. I know that the chances to have a perfect site are really low (there is no way to unify all the tastes) that would be too pretentious; but I can make it as good as possible and reach for perfect.

      On your item 4 . . do you find it too wishy-washy?? too off-point? too little? One thing I have noticed is that sites like moz are very light in content and I understood that as it being due to the tremendous amount of information regarding SEO, SMM and DM that there is online; there is actually no need to repeat it over and over. . .
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    Looks good to me.
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    Check the site speed first ...
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