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Hi everyone,

I've been applying to jobs and looking at other web designers portfolios. Some people just bare bone it, while others use tons of templates, animations and frameworks.

I'm somewhere in the middle wondering how much js stuff(stuff that I haven't directly coded) should be in my portfolio. I'm positioning myself as a ux/web designer who codes.

I'm just thinking that probably recruiters and employers are most likely examining my code base on any given project, and I certainly don't want to over promise my skill set.

Sure font awesome, bootstrap, waypoints all are fairly easy to use and understand, but i really like to design websites that shine, and really impress on the front end. And a lot of templates I augment with HTML and CSS are using all sorts of js things, Plus its just so much more work to build something completely from scratch, so I figure well, why not use them?

Does anyone else grapple with this issue? As a web designer I love using modular css and components and augmenting them, and using them in different places, I think it shows strength as a coder to know how all that works, but I wonder about including a bunch of js stuff that uses other frameworks i'm not familiar with yet in my portfolio.

Any advice?

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    hi my friend,
    Importance in the work is one of the important issues of good workshops.
    You must believe in your work
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