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Hello WF community,
i have build my website with WIX, I install the blog and the shopping extention.
when i load my website, it make above 7 secondes to load, i dont know why !
is the problem with WIX or anything else i must fix it?
please help me ?
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    Hard to say without knowing what elements you are using for your page. But generally, site builders like Wix are going to be slower.(edited - posting url not permitted)
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    I think you mean the website loading speed. For a start, visit Gtmetrix and enter your site. This will show you what needs to be optimized. Since Wix is a hosted solution, I'm not sure there is a lot you can do.
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    Originally Posted by medlom View Post

    Hello WF community,
    i have build my website with WIX, I install the blog and the shopping extention.
    when i load my website, it make above 7 secondes to load, i dont know why !
    is the problem with WIX or anything else i must fix it?
    please help me ?
    That is WAY too long indeed, and WIX being a hosted solution there's not much that can be done and all I can say if one wants to go for page loading speed, which is a great SEO factor and great on the COMPETITIVE side as well, I'd say do not go for wix and all the like. If you want CONTROL on page load speed you must have control in all settings to speed up the site, including server's settings in a way or another. There exists great MANAGED WordPress hosting providers, however I'm the #1 fan to self-hosted solution, always, but that can also be managed as well so you don't need to be a sysadmin to have a fast running website.

    That said, since you have built your site on that platform already, there are several tools that you can use to check on the page load speed that will tell exactly where you need to improve. So even though you're on a hosted solution there may be a few elements that you have added to the site that can be optimized, on which you could do something.

    Check out Google page speed insight:

    learn more here

    You can also use this excellent tool from Gossammer Thread or even Pingdom Tools

    That should be useful to let you know where you need to improve, well, where you can since you have limited control on many elements.

    Best regards,
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    thank you bro, now i have a problem, i need to transfer my domain to a wordpress website, and my website is approved in google adsense, i dont know if google adsense agree with something like that !
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      There should be no issue moving to WordPress re Google Adsense, and this will also give you more control over server and plugins etc to help speed up the website. Wix is great for people new to web design etc but doesnt really give you any overall probably a good move making the switch

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    Do you have too many plugins or pictures installed on your website?
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    In most cases adding lots of images,animations and other heavy components to your site causes slow loading time of your site.
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  • is it wordpress ? use WP Super Cache try, it will faster
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    You might want to contact your host. It might be a temporary issue. Varnish Cache helps load websites lightning fast. You can also try to do tracert to your server if you know the host name or IP. I am not sure if you have those info being that it is a hosted solution.

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    don't go for free sites like Wix Weebly, always trust for own domain and hosting
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    contact to wix team they can guide you better
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    You can check your website speed from various tool and that will be easy for you to analyse ...the problem for slow website speed. that may be jss problem, or image resize or many more
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  • Browser cache a lot of information like images, Stylesheet, Javascript and etc.,
    Some reasons for slow page load speed are:
    Too many plugins, use lots of images, landing page redirects, outdated CMS, extra large images.

    To check your website in GTMetrix and webpage tool.
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    Try Google Page Speed Insights tool and start resolving the issues it recommends.
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  • You need to optimize it......You can optimize your website with the following steps.

    1. Optimize your images
    2. Minify CSS and JavaScript
    3. Reduce Server Response
    4. Eliminate Render Blocking
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    7 seconds is way too slow. Analyze the issue at sites like


    I would start planning a migration away from wix and to regular web hosting
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