Where to Install the Download Button on InstaMember

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I am having a web designer building my membership site. However, he needs to be guided to use InstaMember. The first attempt to AskSuzannaTheresia help desk was on June 6.

On June 10, InstaMember team instructed him to create a download page, and from there he will add the content files. This page is automatically protected by InstaMember, so that only those who are members of this particular product can access to this page by logging in to their unique account.

He has done it, but now cannot find where on InstaMember to install the download buttons for my PDF and my PPT.

Haven't received any reply, I asked them on June 11, June 13, June 17, June 18 and June 20 to give the information needed.

I haven't got any reply and my web designer still waiting.

He told me that the InstaBuilder video tutorial "How To Add Animation To Your Text, Boxes, Buttons" doesn't help him.

Unfortunately, Facebook InstaMember hasn't been active since April 2016 and there is no phone number where AskSuzannaTheresia team can be reached.

I know Susanna Theresia, the genius product creator for internet marketers has passed away. I read on the internet that her products were not accessible for a while. I am wondering if there are any administrative issues at the moment that can cause me such a hassle.

Bottom line, we need an answer to know where on InstaMember to install the download button.

Your help will be well appreciated by me and my web designer.

Thank you in advance!
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