What web technologies to use for a big site?

by frankl
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What would be the best choice to build a huge website upon? Should I use a framework or build a completely custom platform?

I'm planning to build a very complex learning management site where main functionalities would be: videos, audios, quizzes, chats, payments, messaging, users can interact with each other.

One of the development companies I contacted said they would use WordPress for this, but I'm not so sure it's a good idea.

The website will have a large user base (millions) very quickly and I expect it to be very busy. I'm not sure WordPress can handle such a big traffic and user activity.

So what kind of technologies or framework would you recommend?

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  • I think Laravel will be the best option to manage all these things. A WordPress website is easy to manage and create and this is one of the best platforms but the biggest issue I faced with a Wordpress website is, speed and security.
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    You should consider CodeIgniter or Laravel
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    I'd say Wordpress to start off, but go custom-built as soon as you are funded and start gaining traction.

    This is what I'm doing
    Ecommerce in India - - - A Free Guide on How to Start an Online Store in India.
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    I'd also say Wordpress to start off, just make sure you choose a good host right off the bat, like Kinsta, WPEngine or something simillar.

    You could also create it the following way:
    1) You build the website for the main domain on Wordpress (I'm talking the design and pretty much everything about the business).
    2) Use a subdomain on something like Mighty Networks or Kajabi and all the videos, quizzes, chats between people, etc happen there.

    So it would be something like [business].com (Wordpress) and members.[business].com the other platform.
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    For me, Wordpress is great irrespective of your user base. Again it's flexibility and security is second to none. Go for wordpress
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    I suggest you design you own site with best tools available
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    I suggest you make a new site from scratch and leave Wordpress. It causes a lot of issues in SEO
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    Before getting to the technology part, let me suggest a few important questions and recommendations based on my experience:
    * Are you funded (either self, investors or, even better, pre/sales)? Building a custom application to support millions of requests in a short period of time will cost money.
    * I assume that if you are shopping around for the development of this website, you don't have a technical team with you. Have you consider having a tech. person on board? Building a website with a third party is not only about the initial deliverable, but also maintainance. At the beginning, you should get a lot feedback from your users/clients, and this feedback will bring new changes. You should be able to adapt/evolve fast and this will usually be expensive with a third-party dev. team.
    - Have you already a/b tested the service you'll offer? If you are talking about millions of users, because of the cost this will imply, I think is wise to validate everything with paying users.
    - Regarless if you have resources or not to build this, I would strongly recommend building something lite, that can help you iterate fast without breaking the bank. Things you "don't" care if you need to rebuild. Once you have more resources, a team... you can work behind the scenes to build something more mature.

    I think Wordpress is a fast, cost-effective and easy way to start. I'm sure that there are other solutions for your niche, depending on what you planning. I wouldn't that much about security right now, but will keep it to the line with what the law and common sense dictates.

    I hope this helps.
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  • You can start with Wordpress. It is very easy to update and manage things in WordPress. Various plugins will make the job easy for you.

    The biggest con with WordPress site is security and speed.
    Usually, WordPress domains get slow down due to any reason. On the other hand, security is a big threat for those domains

    So if these parameters don't matter for you, Go for WordPress.

    Thank You
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      Originally Posted by Webxeros Solutions View Post

      You can start with Wordpress. It is very easy to update and manage things in WordPress. Various plugins will make the job easy for you.

      The biggest con with WordPress site is security and speed.
      Usually, WordPress domains get slow down due to any reason. On the other hand, security is a big threat for those domains

      So if these parameters don't matter for you, Go for WordPress.

      Thank You

      Just a quick quip. I hear WordPress is good for beginners but as you get more sophisticated, the need to transfer your site so that you can do so many other things arises.
      I hear there are a lot of hindrances or worse, the website being de-listed if you grow beyond a certain level. I know there are gurus here please give us the info. Somebody suggested that it is better for you self-host. Whatever that means, I leave it to experts.
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  • You can try Laravel framework for big site
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    I recommend Vue.js and React
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    There are really lot of things you can do with some big site and it's definitely not that big anyway like WordPress, you can do a lot of things on PHP itself, on something like Yii framework and a lot of other things you can't even dream about really.
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    What is good with Wordpress is that it allows you to make a responsible website even if you are a beginner. However, the problem is that in order to scale, you will need to change the platform to something else.
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    It all depends on how you want your site to be but Laravel is great, I recommend it.
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    codelgniter and laravel are the best choices
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    Hello Frankl,
    Over the years, web software development has evolved rapidly, which has led to front end development to progress significantly. There have been many types of frameworks that have been created, however, few of them have stayed on and improved. One of the main goals of these frameworks is to make front end development effortless. Recently, React JS has been the new player in the market that has made a strong presence, while continuously upgrading the custom software development industry.
    Big companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Apple, Dropbox are regular users of React JS.
    Hope this information clears your doubt and if you have any query please do comment on this post.
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    Wordpress is the best framework to easily develop a website, WordPress has many responsive themes and plugins and it is open source technology developed by PHP...
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    You can start with WordPress. Most of the companies are using this technology and they are very happy after the feedback from the clients.
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    Angular JS.
    Yii Framework.
    Laravel. If you are looking to take care of the back-end e-commerce web development tools, Laravel is one of the tools that are an absolute must in your toolkit.
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    Hey Frank,
    If you have the tech personnel with you, I would really suggest you to build the website from scratch. You will be able to customize it as you want and get rid of security issues by using the security plugins.
    But if you are building this website alone, WordPress would be an apt solution. It is very easy to use and understand. I don't know why you are stepping away from it.
    If you are not big on WordPress for building your robust site, you can use Django. It is the most compelling web framework that will make your website insanely fast and secure.
    Laravel, a PHP web framework is another great option that you can count on. There are many other web technologies that will suit your demands for example, Meteor or Code Igniter.
    I hope my answer helps you.
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  • I think u should start with wordpress as it be will easy to maintain the content with the small technical team, and backend should be laravel
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    First you will need a dedicated server or cloud platform. If you use Wordpress you probably won't need much outside help except for optimizing and managing your server.
    Collabora 365 - Web, Email Hosting, Wordpress and Ecommerce Hosting
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    Wordpress is not a bad choice for you to get started. Prepare everything perfectly before embarking on building a website of such caliber.
    Good luck!
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    I think it's not best to use WordPress. It tackles lots of SEO issues now and it can affect your site in the future. I suggest to find other tools that would be best for the stability of your website.
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    If you want to know how to choosing a technology stack for e-commerce websites I recommend to read dinarys.com/blog/technology-stack-for-e-commerce-websites
    Of course, it all depends on your business strategy and your goals. But for acquaintance and reflection I strongly advise you to read it.
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    I'd suggest a modern framework stack like MERN ( Mongo, Express, React, Node) to accomplish this. Best of luck!
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    I will suggest you to use WordPress, CMS based open source platform. It is easy to use and there are number of Plugins, which can help you without any technical knowledge.
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    I have read what most people suggested. But one person got it right. He amazed me- that you need a tech guy by your side. Forget about those who are suggesting that you rush to WordPress. You will be frustrated given the traffic you expect and the things you wanna do. So first thing first, hire a tech guy.
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    i should you go for wordpress
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    As technology is changing, the static Websites will be outdated. The demand for a dynamic website will grow. But which framework will be good for your business? It will totally depend on the business strategy.
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    You have already planned for a BIG project, so I suggest you to go for the custom website. But before that you need to plan your project well, create the structures, search for the best provider who can deliver as per your requirement.

    Good luck !!!
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