Best free alternative to adobe Dreamweaver?

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Hi all,

Can you help with the best free alternative to adobe Dreamweaver? i will only be doing basic work on the website, adding text, pictures, seo work etc....

Thanks in advance.

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    There is very few free alternatives out there.

    I play around with MobiRise not the best if you can stand all the extra code, but a free mobile ready drag and drop page creator. It good if you want to make pages quick.

    Have you tried Gimp it is open source and free. Lots of support videos on youtube for it.

    I use this for editing my photos, its not a website builder but it is an alternate for photoshop.
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    There is no such alternative to Dreamweaver CC for both code and configuration purposes.

    In any case, If you just needed to code at that point, there are n number of code editors like notepad++, Sublime, Bracket, VSCode, Webstorm, and etc.
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    Era of Dreamweaver has passed. Nobody even attempts to continue it's legacy.

    I'd recommend using figma + some editor/IDE for front-end (that You like)
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    You may want to try Github Atom.
    It's a free, open-source, and powerful editor for the 21st century.

    Although it's not a What You See Is What You Get kind of software out of the box, it is the perfect software for beginners or pros alike. That means you can graduate from simple to more complex tasks without having to learn other application.

    - It works for OS X, Linux or Windows
    - Built-in Package Manager
    - Smart Autocompletion
    - File system browser
    - Multiple Panes
    - Powerful Find and Replace

    It's what I use and I keep discovering new features as time goes by.
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  • KuikaBoost is a new tool that converts your Sketch design to HTML5 and CSS. It turns Sketch Artboards into HTML pages with high.Microsoft's Visual Studio Code is the best free alternative to Dreamweaver.
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    I would recommend and Adobe XD.

    Best of luck!
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