Any creative folks out there want to give me feedback on my landing page?

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My site is targeted at creative professionals who want to become self-employed (Set Yourself Freelance).

My initial target is graphic designers, copywriters, and illustrators but I'll probably expand this as I move forward.

Since I know there are a few of you creative types on these boards, I would love to get your feedback.

You can find my landing/squeeze page here: Set Yourself Freelance

Thanks for any help at all!
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    Hi Elliott-

    I run a website featuring superior design for sites that use css. SO, I look at all kinds of submissions all day. I dig the design of your landing page. I find the text at the top of the site to be a little garish and hard on the eyes (or maybe i've just been staring at a computer too long today!ha), I think I understand the effect you're going for- but I think something a little easier on the eyes might be good.

    Otherwise, I think you've got a nice looking design that is straight forward and to the point. good work!
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    First impression: not for professionals. That's not to say that it doesn't look professionally done; just that it's not a place for professional people to get job advice. It looks more like an entry to a gaming site, or something.

    If you have a functioning video, it didn't load for me.

    For an opt-in to work, it needs to be sold well. If your video does a killer job, great, but a lot of people won't take the time to watch. Consider using written copy, too.
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  • Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

    Did anyone else have issues with the video?
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    My first impression was similar to Aronya's - it doesn't strike me as a site for professionals. 'Creative' perhaps but not for 'creative professionals'.

    I too find the colors a bit too garish and they overwhelm rather than inspire or set free.

    For creative professionals, I'd be thinking of images and colors along the lines of free/open space, play and playgrounds, upside down landscapes... in which elements of 'professional' icons were scattered - funky ties, briefcases, spectacles, notebooks...

    Just my personal preference...Best of luck with it!
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  • Hey guys... Thanks again for all the feedback.

    I'm curious what it conjured up for you when I said the word "professional," since that seems to keep coming up. What are you envisioning when I say "creative professional?"

    Either I've got some awesome feedback here, or I'm using the wrong phrase to describe my target market...

    What are your guys backgrounds too? Ann, I'm guessing you're a writer.

    Thanks mucho guys!!
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    I like the domain name,a little long but clever.
    I understand that you are trying to set your credibility with the video, but I'd rather see samples of what you do rather than what you say you do.
    Overall I prefer a cleaner design versus the heavy dark graphics. I think a cleaner design will appeal to a wider audience, plus it would be much easier to view. Right now it has no appeal for me personally, but it may work for someone new to the design world
    I hope it all goes well, when you launch let me know I have 2 great freelance domain names I could use to promote if you have an affiliate program!
    I am taking on only ecover design work for the next 90 days. Rates are 47.00 for single cover, discounts for multiple..just ask! No payment until completed. for sample works
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      Hi Elliot

      Yes, I am a writer (among other things).

      It's great that you have asked us what comes to mind when we think 'professional'. Would make an interesting survey, don't you think?

      For me, I think of someone who is recognized by others as a 'professional' which, generally means someone who has some type of recognized qualification - your typical doctor, lawyer, teacher, psychologist, architect, builder etc.

      But if you really want me to dig deeper, then I personally would want to include people such as actors, musicians artists, hypnotists, massage therapists, acupuncturists etc.

      The interesting thing here is that you will often hear people refer to someone as a 'professional musician' which generally means that music is that person's primary occupation whether or not they have 'academic' qualifications under their belt.

      Also, you will hear people describe a service provider eg a sales person or a bus conductor as behaving in a 'professional' manner.

      Now, neither of these people would typically be consider 'professionals' but their behavior seems to be attributed to some kind of code of behavior that one would normally attribute to a 'recognized' professional.

      Why? I am not exactly sure...

      I tend to think, rightly or wrongly, that a professional is someone who has got some recognized qualification, whether this is acquired academically or through experience or a combination of both, and of whom certain standards of performance and behavior are expected.

      Yeah, it's really worth examining this one
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    well the design looks nice. But the one fact that it is completely flash through me off immediately.

    It was mentioned about professionalism. it looks pro. but i agree that it is not something that a professional person would be likely to visit.

    I personally love the look of it. but please, get it out of flash, recreate in xhtml and css as a starting point.
    VisualWebEffects- Web Application Development, PC Software Development and Identity Design services
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  • Profile picture of the author megashape
    Well as a freelancer web designer, I've seen a lot of low quality landing pages (in terms of graphics)
    but this one totally rocks, and it seems like it converts well also.
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    One problem I have is the loading time before entering the landing page, albeit it's not long, it could put visitors off before they even get to your page.
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    Hey Elliot,

    Here is some design feedback.

    The "SetYourselfFreelance" text:
    1. It's a little blurry
    2. I would personally remove the "www" and the ".com"
    3. The word "Free" has a glow and a few shifts in color that make it more blurry than the rest. If you want to highlight the word, simply make it a different color or a different hue of the same color. Subtlety always works well.

    The layout:
    Since it's flash and there isn't much content, use a fixed position so that you don't have any scrolling. This is a personal taste kinda thing but it's always weird ot have the page scroll when there is no content.

    I use this technique in my sales letter here: The Failing Marketer - So you want to make money online?

    The background doesn't move.

    Also on that site, the blend from the dark background to the background texture is more gradual. I think if you want to really pull off the grungy glow effect, make the blend more gradual.

    The Book:
    Make it bigger.
    If you're giving away a free chapter, add some emphasis to the book. Give it some focus somehow.

    I did something similar here: The Twitter Blackbook

    The text inputs:
    Make them equal widths. It's off balance visually with the First Name being so much shorter.

    The splatter over the TV:
    It carries over to the background. It makes it look like a splatter on a photograph of a TV. Not sure if that's what you're going for but since the TV plays a video, I would imagine you intended that to be a 3D object in the forefront.

    If so, cut the trailing part of the splatter off that hits the background.

    With all of that said, I like the concept you have and I think the colors work well.

    I disagree that no professionals would go to this site as it is for Creative professionals. When I go to a creative site, I expect to see a bit of creativity, so keep up with that.

    I say, polish it up some and you're ready to go.
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  • Profile picture of the author jonshannow
    I think it looks great. The text at the top is a bit hard to read, and I have small issue with the curvy writing.

    As for the professional debate, if you are selling a ebook then I think it's ok. It not a site to connect professional or anything. I guess it will be geared at people who are just starting out and this will appeal to them I think.

    I also don't like flash only sites, and Adwords may be difficult - to optimize your pages - why not try both, the second css html one being less 'creative' and more business like, with flair.

    Good Luck
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    I dig it! As a creative freelance professional, I believe that the creativity that you put into the design of your landing page will 'speak' to other creative professionals.

    I recommend that you take some feedback from this thread and if possible use that you create a few 'slightly' different versions of this landing page. Then you can split test and see which gives you the most results. More time involved but should give you better conversion rate. I hope this helps!
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    Nice work Elliot,

    My view is that I find the form a little premature.
    I like to read just a little bit about what I'm actually signing up for before I jump in. Just a paragraph would do, with maybe an option to read more.
    Perhaps ask a question, that usually gets viewers engaged and their brains working on your content and interacting without them actually realising it.

    But overall, I like the informal approach to the video and site.
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    Great work ... really tight stuff.
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