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I'm looking for an experienced logo designer to help me design a logo for a pet supply website... The url is PetSuppliesNMore.com.

This is a brand new site - I'm still working on the formatting, organizing and arranging of products, choosing a good color scheme and so on.

I'm looking for a simple design that is attractive, something memorable, something marketable..

I would like the words in the logo, e.g. Pet Supplies N More, with a nice font, with the N slanted to the side.. So kind of like this - Pet Supplies N More... Maybe a nice rich color like a blue or a green with the 'slanted N' a lighter color such as a light beige or a pink color possibly. Maybe with dog paws around the title, maybe 1 or 2 or something like that, maybe with a dog's head peeking over the top of the words. Does this sound doable? I hope so! These are just ideas..

I'm pretty decent at photoshop but I'm looking for someone with experience.

If you are interested I'm eager to discuss this with you and get movin on it. The project will most likely lead to many more projects over the coming months.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this. Have a great Halloween!
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