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Hope y'all are having a great day!

Does anybody know if there is a way to add users that sign up for a Wordpress account into lists in GetResponse or Aweber?

Is there any plugins that let you set up follow-up sequences in WordPress for your blog's Users?

I'm not talking about using capture/squeeze pages. I already have those set up to promote my system.

I'm talking about when someone creates an account on my blog - so they can log into my blog, can those addresses be automatically added to an autoresponder.

I know of plugins you can use to email the Users, but each email would need to be sent manually. I'm looking for something to automate the process and send a sequence of emails...

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    Hi Christopher:

    I found a plugin called "Import Export WordPress Users". Quite frankly I have not used this plugin, but it looks like it will let you export the users from your WP site, and then you should be able to import the user data into an autoresponder.

    Another option you have is to start using a membership plugin that lets you export or download member data (at least the email address), that you could then import into your autoresponder. Visitors / users would have to go through your membership registration page to get added to the "member list". Typically, with a membership plugin you also gain more flexibility and access control.

    You probably know, but a word of caution is to make sure you comply with the anti-spam rules in any case.

    And lastly, a while back, I bought a WordPress plugin called "WP Response Pro" that (contrary to other plugins I saw (and as you mention) that only let you send one response email, or only broadcast emails manually) lets you set up a full sequence of emails per list. However, it looks like (or I haven´t found a way) that visitors have to sign-up directly or be imported into the AR. In other words, it doesn´t look like it will simply automatically send emails to all "WP Users".

    Hopefully this helps!

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    Thanks Eric!

    I thought about going the membership plugin route, but I don't know if it would cause a problem with a plugin that I am currently using. My current plugin uses it's own account registration widget.

    My current plugin is the priority as it allows me to use my blog as a replicating site and allows other people to use my marketing materials to promote affiliate programs using their own affiliate IDs. It's great for promoting multiple-level affiliate programs.

    It also has a function for capture/squeeze pages that will add my own referred subscribers into my autoresponder. In addition it allows my system users to add their own referred subscribers into their own autoresponder. Another function also captures my user's subscriber's emails and adds them into my own primary autoresponder or into a secondary autoresponder/list if I choose.

    All that is great, but the emails I would send to the people who have opted-in through the capture pages would be to convince them to register an account and use my system.

    Plus... even though I also have the emails of my system user's subscribers on my own autoresponder list, I wouldn't feel comfortable marketing to them - as I really don't want to step on the toes of my system users. But, once someone registers an account, that's a different ballgame...

    It is an awesome plugin!

    What the plugin does not do, is offer an autoresponder for people who have registered an account.

    I need a way to send the registered account users emails to convince them to "Set up" their system by signing up to the program(s) and plugging in their affiliate IDs - as well as sending them different training and marketing emails.

    Plus, when they show up on the registered user list, I could set a rule in my autoresponder to remove them from the squeeze page list - to stop sending them emails asking them to register an account.

    If there is not currently a solution for what I'm looking for I think what I could do is create an opt-in within my system and make an offer they can't refuse - or offer something like a premium membership or a set-up service and when they sign up for them add those emails to a separate list...

    Thanks again for the recommendations! I will look into them...

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    I just found that GetResponse has a plugin that will add new registered users to a list

    Unfortunately, it will not work with my setup as the registrations for my system are done through the funnel plugin and not just through the site. I'll have to follow up with the plugin creators...

    Thanks for all your help!!!

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