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by EvaT
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4 days ago my site completely crashed after trying to upgrade some files in WordPress.

This is not a problem since Hostgator had my full backup.

However, after all of my posts disappeared and Prostyler theme was also gone with child theme my home page was still on but it was the theme from 2016 which I was sure I deleted a long time ago, including a front-page article which is no available anymore it is replaced with the new one for last 3 years.

So how this is possible, I did make sure that I also removed old files from the HostGator panel old pictures and old themes.

Where these files are attached to in Prostyler.

I also noticed that google webmaster tools are telling me to remove from my site a lot of scripts since the load time of my site is much longer than other sites on the internet.

So how do we clean this old files hiding i have no clue where.

Where do I find these heavy scripts keeping my site front fast loading? Obviously, they are not the Prostyler scripts

I don't have any galleries, shop full of products, pictures, only pictures i have are from amazon tool site stripe.

Please help and Thanks Eva
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