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I need some advice please.

I used to use MS Front Page for building web pages. I liked it and found it easy to use.

Now that Front Page has gone the way of the Dodo, can anyone suggest a free or low cost program with similar functionality that I can use?

I need to be able to create new pages from scratch using WYSIWYG editing as well as the ability
to at least insert code snippets or edit the HTML code to insert elements, such as the HTML code or Javascript code for something like (for example) an Aweber capture form.

I also need to be able to edit both WYSIWYG & HTML from existing pages/templates.

It must save the completed/edited pages to my PC so I can upload to my domain/s.

By the way, I've downloaded and tried using Kompozer, but without much success so far. The first attempt at editing a template - adding an Aweber form - makes the page go haywire, it messes up the columns, shifting them to the right and putting the left hand column in the centre. It dumps the form about half way down the page, with the right hand column below the form also moved down the page and both to the extreme right. I've tried changing the size of the form in Aweber and it didn't help, it still messed up the page.

Any help or advice you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Thanks & best wishes,

Michael Beauchamp
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