How to provide value as a new web designer

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Hi everyone,

How would you create value to differentiate yourself from the competition in the web design industry?.

Competition is fierce

I'm going to offer a basic small business web design service to companies in my area (and on Upwork).I'm basically new to the game.

Does this sound like a good 'value bundle' for web design?

- a 3-page website that has Contact Us, Our Services, and About Us pages.

- regular Wordpress updates and Wordpress plugin updates

- 5 corporate email addresses setup (if their hosting plan allows email accounts)
- Weekly WordPress backups
- Google Analytics and Google Search Console installation
- blog setup
- blog posting (only if the customer sends the blog post to me via email so I can post it- or they can post themselves)
- social media account creation (FB, Twitter)
- mobile-friendly version of their site
- responsive customer service so that if there's a problem with a backup or update, I can talk to them if they have questions

Is there anything else you would add to this list? Or is there anything that you would recommend me removing from this list?

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    One of the most important factors of a "value bundle" is price. What's your price? Competition is fierce so in our experience, customers tend to take price at face value. But overall, think you've got the basics down.

    Does this include a homepage? Consider adding it in if there's none. I'd tweak the price accordingly because this is one of the most important pages in web design. Other pages to consider: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies and Portfolio.

    I'm sure there's more that can be done. Hope this helps!
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    Since your customer base is in "your area" and I assume you mean a specific city then all you need to do is research what other services are providing and their prices.

    Say there are ten services in your area. Narrow it down to the ones that are actually earning an income vs, the ones that are struggling to get clients.

    Say for example, five of the ten are earning, now research their prices and compete in terms of value services and prices. The five that are struggling are also competition in terms of their prices, albeit less value services compared to the top five.

    Now you know who your competition is and how to compete for the market share.

    The way you compete is to provide the same or better services in packages for the same or higher prices with at least one additional service that your competition does not provide,

    General Content and SEO and Local Content and Local SEO may be the additional services that your competition does not provide,

    Do that as a minimal and your company will benefit a higher market share.
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    Rather than package pricing I think people like a "customized solution" I have a base price I start from for any web design project but also a per page and per feature add on.

    The way I started years ago was making a list of niches, searching google for every business in each niche. Called all of them and said:

    "I'm an experienced web designer and am starting my own business in {city} Can we set up a time to talk about how I can improve your website to get your more business on {day} or {day} this week?"

    around 10% will show some interest. When you meet with them give them a customized proposal.

    The more meetings you book = the more proposals you put out = the more projects you get paid for = more referrals and well, a business.

    Good luck! Pick up the phone and get busy!
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