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Hello all!
I'm currently working on a new HTML site for the company I work for.
But I want to be able to share the site with my co-workers before publishing the site.

I am using cpanel as a hosting platform and Adobe Dreamweaver to edit the site.
Are there any ways I can allow them to look at the site?

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    Upload it to a web host somewhere, can be on an existing server, and give them access. Or, if the site is small enough, zip it up, and email it. If it's pure HTML, they should be able to run it locally in their browser.
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    You can share your html website easily with your coworkers by uploading it to your web hosting space or compress the work folder and sent via email. You can also upload your work folder and files to Dropbox. These will help them to view your new website easily. Happy coding
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    Host it on github and then let them mooch around, it will also allow to to get opinions and find broken links, spellcheck from others
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    There is another way of solve your problem that to upload its web host to somewhere.
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    Do you have video conferencing or screen sharing software? If you can screen share with your coworkers, give them a tour from your desktop to theirs.
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    Thanks for all the comments. I figured out how to share it through Netlify Drop. It creates a temporary 24 hour link so others can see it.
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