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The context is straightforward - do you prefer using stock photos for your blog/website, or would you spend resources to shoot scenes for later use? Here are my thoughts.

Going stock

Stock photos are very convenient, as I could just hit, say Shutterstock and pay a certain amount, and download that photo. If I want to add my branding, I could just edit with whatever photo editor I have at my disposal, and render and upload. That easy.

My bane with stock photography is that although the composition is professionally shot, I feel like they look too generic and doesn't lend a feeling that my brand is associated with a certain photo. There are stock photos which have been used by some other entity as well.

All for original

With original photography, I could have the usual camera equipment (top-notch camera, lighting, etc), a model, perhaps props, and location. But I'll be spending more than if I chose to buy stock photography.

The advantage? I get to choose whatever composition, whatever scene, whatever angle, all those things, at my sole discretion. I have the creative freedom, plus I own full ownership of the photos, and I'm certain no one else has been using them on their website.

Chime in below.
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  • I think that the best option is original photos, for the SEO position.
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    • Yes, but free photos in stock make you save time that you can invest in other things because photography work is very complicated.
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    If I have a small business, should I consider the idea of ​​investing more resources in my photographs?
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    • You can start to considerate it only if you don´t have a lot of economic problems.
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    I would split test.
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    I use stock photos sometimes in my blog post .I like using high resolution photos and give credit to original photographer.I agree that going original and authentic helps your brand to stand out more because your photos become your life signature .Fortunately there are apps you can use for free.
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    I think that both options are good. It all depends on your budget... Having your own photographs is, of course, better for branding, but for a blog, I would not say that it's such a big deal.
    Paid Stock photos are better than free stock photos in general. I use many free ones in my blog (besides my original photos) and I often run into other sites that use the same photos... That happens rarely with paid stock photos.
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    It can be expensive to download a photo. It has to be high class. You can take personal pictures and upload to photoshop.
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