wp dashboard very slow, pls help

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I installed lots of plugins in my wp site, I've checked using plugin to see which plugins slow down my website n I've deactivated unused n slow plugins according to this stats

I use premium web hosting for wp with google clouds

but still I experience my wp dashboard is slowing down everytime I open new menu in wp dashboard, it shows the yellow notif bar:

"a web page is slowing down your browser, what would you like to do? "
then I of course clicked "wait" instead of "stop it"

what should i do to fix this?
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    Start by deactivating ALL the plugins to see if it`s cause by a plugin
    next will be to try another theme to find if it`s the theme
    then another hosting account...

    Good Luck
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    It doesn't necessarily mean that it's your site, it can (and quite often is) another open page in your browser.
    They can clash or some of them have a large list to load or reload every X amount of time.
    You can tell them quite often by how many "cookies" each page loads.
    You can use "ABP" and Cookie Auto delete to get rid of some of the problem
    Remember, When you are working on your site, all your doing is looking at the info, it is being processed by your servers, not your computer.
    You can have this same problem whilst loading youtube, netflix etc.
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