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Hello everyone happy to be a new member of this forum. I have read and took in a lot of information in the last 2 hours i have been apart of your community. I am at the very early stages of setting up a drop shipping online boutique for plus size clothing. I have a million questions and no veterans to chat with just yet. I am learning as i go and its been alot of fun.

My question is what is the best way to go about getting my website up and running. I have a bit of codeing experience. I was thinking about building my own with some help of a few templates and such. Or would I be better off going the shopify route or one of there competitors. Any information over and above that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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    You need to research what's available and make your own decision.

    Someone might say Wordpress, another Shopify, a third might say Bigcommerce.

    Are they right for you? Only you can decide.
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    Choose what best fit your needs.
    Wordpress if your starting out as theres many elements to start building on it.
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    Word press will be more suitable for you. There are some useful plugins also.
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    WordPress fir your base platform with all the plugins available you can easily build it up. Then add WooCommerce if you want to add a store to your WordPress site.
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    For ease of use and management, WordPress (self-hosted) is the best option. You can also use ecommerce-centric paid platforms such as Shopify.
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    I think you should not focus so much on what platform you build it ,but how to get a lot of traffic and to just start and later on you may change it .I think wordpress would make a good job

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    Another good platform is codeignitor but you need to know basic coding to build the site. The help manual to it explains how to add code and gives lots of copy and paste examples..
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    I recommend wordpress and Flatsome theme with many built-in templates for anything you want for your first website.
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    A good website is a must. You can design your website by using Designer templates that are already available on platforms like Wordpress. However, if you want much more customized websites you can hire an agency to do that. After having a good website you can use all the social platforms to promote it. Digital Marketing is the need of time. Build your online presence to increase brand awareness and website traffic.
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    It depends on your coding experience. If you have experience in WordPress then go for WordPress themes or if you have experience in some other language then choose that.
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    For a beginner, I would say WordPress, but you can try Bigcommerce also. It all depends on what you need and what knowledge you have in this.
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    I would suggest shopify and learn about influencer marketing via instagram. Search youtube for influencer marketing. Either become an influencer or pay one for them to post an ad to send their traffic too.

    I have never done it, I just learned about it and moved on. It was not my thing, I can build my own sites, use my own paypal buttons, and drive my own traffic.

    Good luck and to each their own Do what works for you
    Learn To Earn From The Best...
    "Trust Chuck", I Did..!
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    I would suggest you use WordPress for your web app development. It is simple to use as you don't need any programming knowledge to create a website on WordPress.
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    WordPress is more suitable for beginners. It is easy to understand and you can also set up a blog.If you want to set up an e-commerce store I would like to suggest Shopify.
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    Originally Posted by Acarter35 View Post

    I am at the very early stages of setting up a drop shipping online boutique for plus size clothing.
    eBay no good then?

    Drop shipping from China? Delays are inevitable so make a big fuss about you being domestically based for some assurance if things go wrong.

    Also purchase a small quantity in case of replacement needed by customer if at all possible. You can't expect them to wait for another two weeks and not be dissatisfied. Might not be possible here but it may save on refunds and unhappy buyers. One way to deal with it is to always buy two of everything - one for them and a spare which you keep until needed. You can always sell the spare once the customer is happy.

    I paid $5 to Warrior Forum and all I got was this lousy signature

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    Wud be good if you start with WooCommerce. You can also go for Shopify if u want all things at one place ready without hassles.
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    Yeah! it will totally depend on you. There are many open-source platforms Like WordPress. You can start as a beginner.
    Shopify is the leading platform for building an online store. It is a popular platform available with a low startup cost and easy to use interface. Shopify provides reliable and secure web hosting that reduces site crashing problems on peak traffic, and the website gets protected from hacking issues.
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