Website Branding Change Opinion: Good or Bad? Changed Name and URL

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We've been thinking about this for some time. Last year we bought a domain but didn't like it enough so stuck with the original. This year we tried again.

There are a couple problems with the old name:
1. "The" in the url
2. Too similar to TechRadar
3. Too long

Our new idea for which we already acquired the domain is in the below screenshot. It is shorter, doesn't use "the", somewhat catchy and professional, and doesn't have a similar name to another popular blog in the same arena. We just aren't sure if the public will like this change.


The current url and logo:

The new url and logo:

Note we may change or improve the logo as this was only a quick make for comparison purposes.

What's your opinion? Your thoughts are welcome. If it sucks, tell us. If you love it, feel free to share what you like about it.
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