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Hello all. I normally use simple wordpress templates for my site but now I have a specific idea and I'm not sure how to make it,

Basically, I was a landing page on my site that looks like a brick wall, with posters taped up which are the different sections (blog, contact, etc...). I tried adding a static background in wordpress but it doesn't fit well in mobile, it cuts off pictures and words.

I'm very willing to learn how to make it, I'm just not sure how to start. Am I able to make the whole thing in photoshop and then use something to define areas that will link to another page? Will I be able to scale it in mobile?

Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
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    Why don't you use Figma or Adobe XD or something like that? There are templates for desktop and mobile versions.
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      Originally Posted by Pamela Merritt View Post

      Why don't you use Figma or Adobe XD or something like that? There are templates for desktop and mobile versions.
      Not all templates will give you the desired results. I wish you recommended the templates you have used yourself.
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    Have you considered hiring a professional designer from
    Fiverr or somewhere. You could probably get that done
    for cheap and that way you won't be frustrating over it.
    That's what I would do.
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    You can use photoshop and also use some other tools to design your template. If you want to make your own website you should learn about how to make a website and theme mobile-friendly
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    Dabbled with Wordpress, but no further than adding themes, or getting some custom made software made.

    But when l needed to create a page from scratch, (Photoshop it all and add it to a HTML grid) l used to use Hostgators, Plesk Sitebuilder, which unfortunately you cannot do anymore, since it was scrapped or updated, (have to stay with their rigit templates).

    Also looked into hosting a domain and then using Plesk directly, but yet again, they don't offer that service anymore.

    I would go to Fiverr or Freelancer, and ask some professionals about your issue to see what they can suggest.

    Good luck.

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    I have been used Squarespace and Wix and they both provide online guides to ensure that your content is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Maybe you can use one of their free trials and see how they do it or try their customer service?

    I help people feel better and stronger through posture correction exercise programs and content. Please say hello!

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    I think someone from fiver will do the job for you
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    Try to use "spark post" app, nice for designs
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    For the design, then photoshop can do it for you, but for it to be able to fit on different platforms, you will have to use special tools. You can learn the whole process through just YouTube alone but it might take some time. Another option you can consider is by hiring someone to do it for you and maybe learn a thing or two from that.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Have you tried out using several themes and applying your ideas to it? I think that would be the best way for you to turn things around. And I think you should try out nulled themes if you don't want to spend a single dime, but I remind you nulled themes are sometimes dangerous as some that are out there contains exploits and scripts that could compromise your whole WordPress website.

    Like others says, if you are too lazy to do it or if you lack the idea to do it hire someone from Fiverr or better, go to Craigslist if you are looking for more cheap work who can do the job fast. Just a reminder, don't give down payments or initial fee as there are tons of scammers out there. Those who are trustworthy most of the time are those who would do the work first before asking for the payment UNLESS they show you a screenshot or proof of their work that they are already done.
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    what if you will use another tool ? Fiverr for example ?
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    I would recommend using Wix because it is so simple to drag and drop, customize and create. You could always hire someone to build your vision as well.
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    Back in 2007, I used to edit HTML and CSS in dreamweaver and it was a real pain. Now I use the Elementor plugin on Wordpress. I like how it optimizes for mobile and it's just easy to implement designs. That's what works for me.

    I know you have your heart set on a specific design, but keep your options open for other mobile-friendly designs. There might be something out there that works better than your initial idea.

    John Peters | Content Marketing / Email Specialist
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    I believe that the best way for you to succeed in things in regards with web development and good design is to start doing making your own themes instead of relying on free themes and you should try to do hard-coding.

    I mean start playing with actual code. If you already know the basic stuff like HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you should start doing advance stuff. Don't hesitate to learn as there are tons of guides online in order for you to get start. Start with anything and don't rely too much recommendations.
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    Forget about other options Adobe is the best and you will be shocked how easy it is to use it.
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      Originally Posted by Medon View Post

      Forget about other options Adobe is the best and you will be shocked how easy it is to use it.
      Adobe isn't easy to use for a beginner, or it took me 5 months borrowing CS2 for beginners to get a reasonable grasp of it, (and had to pay an overdue fine). Gimp is free, but still just as hard to grasp, (and more clumsy to use than Adobe).

      Most here are suggesting Fiverr, which is good advise, or going to a royalty free image site and seeing if they have a brick design, is also another option.

      Then paying someone somewhere for the formatting.

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    In wordpress more features in available in admin end . so you choose better option in wordpress themes.
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    Its pretty easy to do this with some custom CSS. Use a brick wall image as a background and place your "posters" on the wall where you want them. Additionally use media queries to move them around & resize them for smaller screens.
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    If you want to design a good website then you can go for template which is easily available online or otherwise you can purchase it because the layout of the websites should be an eye catching and it should comprises the latest technology it should be responsive and user-friendly.
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