I'm Stuck After the Landing Page

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So i've created a decent landing page in my opinion which only has 6 buttons to click + the footer. So far i am getting a decent click through rate on my landing page (about 60%) but when they get to the second page with the articles on them the click through goes to crap.

I've set up each secondary page as an actual "page" in wordpress, and I manually post a new article there each time I create a new article. The problem is, I know it looks crappy and I am not sure how I should format these pages.

I have received much appreciated help here in the past and was wondering if any successful gurus would be so kind as to take a look at my site and give a suggestion on how to format these pages. I have yet to make a "successful website" (earning more than about $100 a month) and I am really trying to make this a valuable website that genuinely helps others.

Thanks for any assistance and suggestions!

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