Building a site that works equally well in china and the west

by RobVJ
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I am wanting to create a website is accessible in the west and within china. I want it to be fast, responsive and all its functions to work.

With China blocking a lot of services, such as Google, i think there will be difficulties creating a WP site, which will work equally well in the east and the west.

Im a bit of a novice, but i believe things like google fonts will need to be swapped for a non Google service. Not sure how to do it, but sure it's possible.

Any advice on themes to use and edits and changes or plugins, love to hear your thoughts.

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    Anyone have any advice on this?
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    Basically, it depends a lot on which industry you are in. Fintech will require it to be fast(Hit me up , if that's the case).

    Other stuff not so much,
    Cloudflare with its premium settings ON should do decently fine.
    Use a Hongkong server ideally.
    Remove all google based scripts, including analytics. Look for self hosted solutions.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I live in china so i wanted to create a site that was accessible for both markets.

    I am a bit of a novice so undergoing such a task is a little out of my depth i feel.

    Do you know of any good learning resources that can help me create such a site?

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    Follow any best practice advice on setting up a website. The forum should have new website setup guides.

    You can use Wordpress. Just ensure you have the required multi lingual website and do not use any google based scripts.
    For example for analytics, you can search 'google analytics' alternative that is self hosted.

    You can also search 'setting up Wordpress on aliyun' to kick off with basic setup
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    All you need to do is to hire an experienced developer and list your needs. I believe they should be able to come up with something that can meet your criterion.
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