Putting *.aspx pages in my web design portfolio

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Consider this the dumb ? of the afternoon from a forum noob.

I've worked & studied on-and-off (mostly off) in web design/development over the new millennium. I've struggled to gain employment in this arena & I believe part of the problem is my inability to figure out how to get *.aspx pages in my web design portfolio. They were from my 1st job as a developer in a company's Sales & Reservation department working to create an intranet site. I managed to put copies of the code onto a CD just before getting laid off there due to budget cuts. I used the .NET framework to create the pages along w/ VB server-side code to actually make the pages run. Obviously the functionality isn't there, but I want to show off the front end of what I did at work, because this invokes the most practical experience I had writing code. Everything else in my portfolio is from classes. Is there a way aside from just converting the pgs to HTML or am I doomed to failure in trying?
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