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Good to all

Due to the saturation in my country of said jobs in the main category of "Graphic Design" and "Web Design", any related categories or sub-categories related to these main categories that can be bet and that will give promising job openings in the future, which also have Graphic Design and multimedia (but not exactly Graphic Design and Multimedia), but that has vacancies in the future, that is, a lot of supply and not as much demand as "Graphic Design" "Web Design" and "multimedia")?
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    Convoluted question - 80+ words in one sentence? wow.

    You will have competition in any field you work in. If people are looking for graphic design or web design - that's what they will search for.

    Look for jobs online rather than only in your country - develop a unique process or a portfolio than can compete with others offering the same services.
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    I wish offended people would react like fainting goats and quietly tip over.
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    During the COVID-19, most of the people have been facing such job-related issues. It's better if you started finding relevant jobs online as many people are doing so.
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    In this situation if any do job without salary then doing or not doing is the same matter. So better sell your skills in different marketplace like: fiverr, upwork etc.
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    As you have a knowledge of "Designing" You can think about specifically "Logo Designing". Professional Logo Designer is also one alternative.
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