Why is it so hard to find high-quality freelance designers?

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There just seems to be a huge gap between the bottom and the top of the pyramid in terms of quality and little in between.
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    You need to make a complete list of the elements you have in mind. You can create a complete pdf file of what you have in mind and give enough explanations. Then send it to a large number of freelancers. Also, it is better if you put the samples of the works that you like in pdf. Identify the people who offer the best price according to the working conditions and start working with the best of them.
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        The problem is you don't want to pay enough.
        You get what you pay for.
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    Freelance designers that provide quality work and at a good rate are very few. Most of them which are good have set skyrocketing rates.
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      Yeah I would say (with exceptions of course) it gets easier when you're offering premium rates. Have you not found that to be the case?
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    Funny i really have another experience, 90% of the freelancer i hire are great and i don't pay much..
    I think it's because i'm a geek myself and have the knowledge to do their job, so i talk their language, i can give them proper and very detailed instruction and i help them when they are stuck.
    But really freelancer are great, they just need good guidance
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    I know it has been said, but it is true, good communications can make a world of difference. Ask questions, as many as you need, and if you already know what you want share examples. In my experience, the client did not always know what they wanted, so there had to be a good bit of digging to get to their vision.

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    Usually, freelancers aim at finishing their works quicker, as they might have other clients. That's the matter of quantity over quality. But, there is another crucial point.
    To find a prolific freelancer, you need to be a prolific client. Know exactly what you want, and ask for it directly. Besides, try to maintain communication, as if something goes wrong, you will at least know it.
    All in all, being demanding and attentive means fewer chances to get failed.
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    Hi there,

    We have found the key is to give absolute clear instructions. Think of everything and write it down for the freelancer. Include that in your bid request and place a dollar amount in your bid request. The expensive ones won't bid if your price is too low and then the ones who want the work will reply.

    If you're looking for something like a logo, you can ask for branded samples, or low-res samples of your request. That way they've done a little work on your task and won't have much more if you decide to hire them AND you'll have an idea whether they're on the right track or not.


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    And, if you want top quality, be ready to pay for it. There are high quality designers and writers and copywriters, etc....but they don't work at the low end of the pay scale.

    The more specific instructions you can provide, the better the work will be.
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    Have you tried searching on IG? I found a great designer there and I'm really satisfied with her service.
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    Programming has a low bar of entry but is hard to master. The cream rises to the top, and so do their hourly rates.

    Experienced, competent software devs tend to charge high premiums for their expertise. The ones not charging a lot I would be wary of, or at least get them to qualify their expertise with a portfolio or some technical questions.

    Many junior devs will low ball the price because they're either building their portfolio and need the clients, or they realize your project might be a learning curve for them and charging you less is an incentive to keep you working with them.

    In software, you do get what you pay for.
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    Yes, It is tough to find a high-quality freelance designer because most freelancers don't have complete knowledge about all things. In my opinion, only 2-5% of freelancers exist in the market who have complete knowledge about their profile.
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    There are a lot of professionals who are on freelancing because of Covid, but still there can be some issues, like they don't really understand what do you want to get in the end of project, you pay not enough, cultural gap. This is not only about designers, but about all positions. So, just keep looking, I'm sure you will find somebody perfect for this job
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    The major drawback with new freelancers is that they will be available for support in future as well. Due to Covid, let many professionals have started freelancing, but the issue is how long will they freelance. Further, I find many freelancers don't have commitment towards you & will leave or linger on the project as soon as they get the better opportunity.
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    You just have to be more specific with what you want, set the expectations from the start, and make sure you see the work they have done already aligns with what you need. There are plenty of good and affordable freelancers out there.
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