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by Isham
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I have a new website as of August 2009
I have been having a lot of trouble with my emails not going through and was blaming my host. I found out today that my IP has been blacklisted by a few different entities.
When I look deeper into things it appears there has been trouble with this IP dating back to 2004.
Is it possible to be given a bad IP from the get go? Can I demand a clean IP from my service provider? will that fix these issues?
This is a nightmare and I don't know how to proceed.
Bottom line I need a fix.

Thank -you for your responses
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  • Talk to your hosting company...they can sort this out fo royu and give you a new IP
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    The result will depend on your host and what their service is like. If your site has been dumped on a shared server they may not be able to provide you with a new IP. This happens occasionally to the best hosts where a particular site that shares an IP with many others ends up with the whole lot being blacklisted.

    If you can't get satisfaction from your host...change hosts.


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    Maybe you can move to a professional hosting solution?

    Frankly it's the best option IMO.

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    Shift to Google apps for your e-mailing solutions !!

    That should spare you the trouble of ****ing to a new host .

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    Sounds like you are on a SHARED server. That's why I stopped using shared servers and have my own VPS/dedicated one now. If a spammer resides on the same server as you are, every account on that server will be affected by any blacklisting... since you are on the same IP block.
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