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I can't access my website using Chome. Not only me, everyone trying to access the site. I think the site is down and I can't pinpoint what is going wrong. Chrome is the major web server in my country. The fact that people are getting bounced out is increasing my bounce rate. I really don't know what to do.
Could it have been hacked? But it is opening on other web servers like Opera mini.
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    Have you contacted your hosting service to see if they can identify a problem?
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      Yes i have. They said it has been fixed but it still doesn't work.
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    How long has the site been up?
    Has it only just stopped working on Chrome?
    Is there a difference when accessing by various devices?
    Did the issue appear after any update of the site or installation of new software?
    When your hosting company told you the problem was fixed, what did they say caused it?

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    I think it happened after some Chrome updates or your own, so check it. And ask hosting service to check one more time and tell you what was/is the problem
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    I think that you have a problem with your browser you can uninstall or install it then update it & also clear the cache & cookies stored by chrome or delete the browsing data.
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    I had a similar issue, and it turned out that was the template I was using...
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    bro, just complain to your hosting sites. It's a big issue
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