5 tips for perfect web designer resume??

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1: Stand out from the crowd
Be different. Don't ever use a standard font in your resume like Times, Arial or even Georgia. Try a different layout. Kevin was thoughtful enough to include the fonts he used in his resume . On my resume I used fruiterer. Now, I advise against getting too wild or using colored paper - but definitely don't look "standard". 2: Make them remember you
Put your name in large text. When they think of candidates, make sure they think of your name first.
3: Put the important stuff first
Hopefully, that's your extensive work experience, but if not - put whatever is most impressive first. If you're student, get some experience! Help out a non-profit or a friend, do something to give yourself that leg up above your competition.
4: Your contact info isn't important
One of the things I love above Kevin's resume is that his contact info is all the way in the top right - out of the way. If they want to contact you, they'll find your phone number. Don't put it between your name and your experience. Think like the usability expert you are, help the user "scan" your resume.
5: List your skills and expertise
Don't be shy, tell it all. This might be the most important part of your resume, so maybe it should go first.
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    Thanks for that,

    But i dnt agree on the contact info part too much.

    But thats my opinion.

    Thanks anyway , will keep these things in mind

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    May I suggest a few more?
    6. This may seem obvious, but, since is a web designer resume, people will want to see your work. Under experience, include a link to your website portfolio.
    7. Collect testimonials from clients and put them on your site. Include the url in your resume.
    8. Whenever possible, avoid using Yahoo!, hotmail or other free email addresses in your contact section. You are a designer, right? Look like a pro and use an email address from your portfolio domain.

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      Thanks, really helped me.. got too send it off now!
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