What Is The Best Course/Book/Guide To Learn HTML

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Im a total noob and i want to learn html. Apart from copying and pasting little bits ot code i have not really done anything with html before.

I want to learn starting from a beginner level and slowly become intermediate and then advanced, mainly so i can code my own sites, and make alterations.

I live in Melbourne Australia so if somone near to me has done a good course they can recommend or some great online tutorials, books etc that would be FANTASTIC!


Please only reply with legitimate ways for me to learn. I you havent used it please dont recommend it.

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    I sell a video tutorial on HTML that takes you through the basics.
    Run time is over an hour. It doesn't teach you everything but
    it puts you well on your way to making web pages that don't
    suck. It's $20 - instant delivery via membership site in .FLV
    format. If you want to hit the ground running and start making
    better-looking sites using free software it will help you get results

    Here's the link: http://avocart.com/1/68mk/order
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    If your aim is to code your own sites there may be a better solution to starting from basic HTML. Have you considered using Web Authoring software, which does a lot of work for you?

    You could start by learning to use Dreamweaver and get a related book which will teach you HTML as you go. It also has template functions that are brilliant when developing multiple pages on a site. Most web developers go down this route.

    Alternatively you could use Nvu a free system similar to Dreamweaver (though I haven't tried it, I have seen it recommended).

    If you decide to do things this way, it would be best to find a book/tutorial/training that instructs you how to use the tool whilst you learn HTML rather than assume you are going to manually type each line. Although there is a lot to be said for hand-coding, it is slow.

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    Html is a markup language for web page, to create document structure like heading, paragraph, list, links and all elements related. Just like Word styling. You should learn it fast. Google around you'll find many. Quick reference -> ent.ohiou.edu/~hkn/html/html_tutorial.pdf
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    I think the very best recourse for learning HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML and more is the W3 Schools:

    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    Not only are their tutorials well presented and easy to understand, they also incorporate a "live editor" that lets you "play" with the code samples and see how making small changes affects the results. And their tutorials build upon each other.

    I've been writing HTML since the inception of the web in the early 1990's, yet I still refer to W3 Schools when this old brain of mine can't remember the correct syntax for doing something (in fact I was on earlier tonight to look at some JavaScript code). Over the years I've read more coding books than I can remember and visited lots of tutorial sites and I still say this one is the very best.

    Give it a try - it's on the web so it's as available in Melbourne as it is in Moscow, Madrid, Montreal or Minneapolis!

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    The best resource I found was: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials I have learned so much from this site. i not a professional coder but because of this site I can code a simple site from scratch ......... although now I use Dreamweaver.
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      I really like the video tutorial "XHTML and HTML Essential Training" (by Bill Weinman) on lynda.com. Excellent, guided, 4.5 hour beginner-level lessons. You will understand HTML/XHTML thoroughly when you complete the course. Follow it up with "CSS Web Site Design", or one of their other excellent CSS video tutorials.
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        Another vote for W3Schools.

        The best part is you play with your code in a window on the left of the screen, and you instantly see what affect your changes make in the window on the right.

        Its very cool!

        Good Luck!


        Changing Life for my family "One" Click at a time.

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  • Get this book..it's excellent:

    Amazon.com: Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML...Amazon.com: Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML...
    Financial Thing: Peer to Peer Lending Reviews
    Poker Tilt : The Dutch Boyd Story
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    I second the W3Schools suggestion wholeheartedly, it's a great start. For specific problems and troubleshooting, Google will be your friend
    Does your wordpress blog stick out of the rest of your website?

    Wouldn't you like it to blend in?*

    *Send me a PM for details.
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