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by ArnieD
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If you could help me with a few issues I have been having with my WordPress blog, I would be very appreciative!:


1. There is a light grey line around each article. But I have managed to widen the articles, but this grey box has not followed. How can I enlarge this box -- or remove it?:confused:

2. How can I remove the light grey box around images?

3. This is a three column theme. I am able to change the width of the side bars. but is there a way to change width of the side bars so one is narrower than the other?

4. Is it possible to have as a default that there is always an extra line space between lines?

Thank you!
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    Hi Arnie,

    Answer to #1:

    The lines were constructed from several images. Therefore, it's easier if you just remove all references to the images. To do that..

    Go into your theme's style.css and remove or comment out the lines referring to images/bg_narrowcol*.gif

    Answer to #2:

    In the theme's style.css, search for ".post img" and replace the line containing border: 1px solid #ddd with border:0

    Sorry, I got to do something else now... hopefully someone can fill in on your remaining two questions.
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      Hello Jason!

      YOU DID IT!!! :p

      Both #1 and #2 are fixed! That line going lengthwise down the middle of my posts and that border around my images are gone.

      I don't presume #3 or #4 are too easy to do. But you solved the important ones.

      Thank you,

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        I got the answer to #3 on a WordPress forum:

        This is the code in my CSS style sheet:

        .sidebar, .obar{
        margin: 0 0 0 5px;
        float: right;
        width: 180px;
        line-height: 18px;

        margin: 0 5px 0 0;
        float: left;

        So .sidebar is my right sidebar and .obar my left sidebar.

        So all I need to do is add a line in .obar like:

        width: 130px;

        and we have succeeded in two different widths for the side bars!
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    hi, how do i start a post here.

    sorry to have asked in a thread.

    I'm really finding it difficult to edit my blogs. can anyone help out?
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