How to create an app for ios and Android with no-code one time lifetime payement (no subscriptions)?

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Hi everyone, i'm looking for an online service to create ios and Android apps with no-code templates and drag & drop with one time lifetime payement without subscriptions like Adalo or bubble. I found Fluxbuilder and Fluxstore but they have a bad reviews.
I want to create apps using templates with no-code and apps for existing ecommmerce websites.

Thank you.
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      Thank you, but they have subscription plans, i want one time lifetime payment
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    The problem with 'lifetime payment' is ....'whose lifetime'? Yours or the software app's?

    Subscription based is more likely to have ongoing updates and remain viable longer in my experience.
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    You could try Zeroqode. It says you can get started for free so not sure if it's a free trial or if they have a free membership option but either way you could test it out for free and see if it's what you're looking for. Best of luck!
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