Photoshop Cs4 Help Please-Distortion Tool Not Precise

by Jeff Baxter 3 replies
Hi, I'm currently trying to design my new ebook cover with my new photoshop cs4 I got today. You know how you get to the part where you're getting the corners accurate with the distortion tool? It seems as if it's pulling too fast no matter how steady I am with my mouse, making it impossible to get the corners of the cover matching correctly.

Please help I've been stuck on this for hours and I hate wasting time!

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  • Not sure I really understand what you are asking..what do you mean "pulling too fast" ?
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      try zooming in as much as you can so that you can see the image pixel for pixel. sometimes the distortion tools are set to snap to a certain proportion depending on the scale the image is being viewed. The closer you zoom, usually the more control you may have when manually distorting an image.

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