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Hello, thanks for checking out my post.

I'm designing an affiliate/e-commerce site for a niche of which I am a member.

I'm trying to come up with a unique design for my product category pages. I don't want something that is just the standard grid/catalog design.

Ideally, I would like a design that if unique and allows for useful content/information to be mixed in while still being user-friendly for visitors.

I've done some exploring, and I can't find any kind of inspiration or design that would be not your standard grid, allow for helpful content to be mixed in, and still be user-friendly.

Thanks in advance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't want something that is just the standard grid/catalog design.

    As you say YOU are part of this particular niche yourself - build what YOU would want to find.

    I understand not wanting 'standard' - but keep in mind you need design that users will quickly understand. Many times 'standard' is what has been found to work best or be most user friendly.

    A clean, easy to navigate design is always a good choice - the content is what keeps people on your site.
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  • Consider using a card-based design for your product category pages. This design allows for a flexible layout that can showcase both products and helpful content such as articles or guides. Cards can be organized in various ways such as in a grid or staggered layout, making it visually interesting and user-friendly for visitors to browse. Additionally, you can use interactive elements such as hover states or animations to add more engagement and interactivity to your site.
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