H1 background color options?

by danjensen 4 replies
sorry for the noob question but cant find it in google.

I have a header jpg of trees so when i use header text black.

it doesn't stand out that well.

currently set as transparent .

is their and opacity setting i can use?

i.e. opacity 70%
to reduce the background picture a bit so the text stands out?

thanks for the help
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    The easiest way to do what you want would be to reduce the opacity of the image itself in Photoshop. Opacity settings via CSS are not well supported yet.
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    You have a couple options, you can to take it to an image editor, like photoshop, and do a white or black color overlay and set that opacity to that effect to like 10 or 20%

    Or like Aronya said take down the opacity, but I can see a problem coming up with this. If you lower the opacity and save it with transparency the background of the site will come through.

    Could be of more help if you show the image.
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      Thanks for the help guys, slowly learning what i can and cant do in php.

      I resolved it by putting the text into the image and then hiding the header text
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    I use notepad++ very nice tool for CSS and building website
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