What are current web design trends that are popular?

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Are there any specific web design trends that you find particularly intriguing or effective in enhancing user experience?

Have you experimented with minimalistic design, dark mode, or any other emerging trends? What was your experience?

How do you see these trends evolving in the coming months, and do you anticipate any new trends taking center stage?
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    Something I've noticed that started a while ago is landing pages no longer using separate pages.

    For example, in a navbar with buttons, the button simply sends the user to a section that already exists on the landing page. This used to not be a thing. I don't love it personally, but I guess it's more efficient. Seems like you get less out of it, though.

    But in any case, it's the industry standard now.
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    I like 3D Elements in my web designing because it add more depth in Illustrations and graphics.
    It make it more attractive and user friendly.
    I am also a big fan of dark mode because it make the web page more cooler.
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    One web design trend that I find particularly intriguing and effective in enhancing user experience is the use of microinteractions. These subtle animations and feedback mechanisms can make a website feel more engaging and intuitive.

    New trends might emerge, possibly involving more immersive technologies like augmented reality or voice interfaces.
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    As I noticed now a cyberpunk theme for websites are popular. When I did a landing page for AI image generator I used cyberpunk frames and images. Thx God my design was noticed and now I have to redesign 랜"마크카지.... So excited to do it in cyberpunk theme
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    I dont think really bright colours work too well such as yellow or green, but i do like backround colours like black and my webdesign to show bright colours such as blue but as i say not too bright

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