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This is the new design for my website.
Abs Exercises - Truth About Six Pack Ab Exercises Revealed

please post what you think of it. do you think this will help visitors take action/buy my product?
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    Your design is good, but there are things that should be fine.
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    Hello Alevoor
    The Design is nice
    My specialty is SEO so here are some suggestions if your hoping the site gets indexed.

    Consider using some H2 tags as well as the H1 tag you have
    H1 and H2 tags carry alot of weight so they should be one of your keywords

    for example:
    Ab exercises - its in your Title, description and keywords, but nowhere in your actual text do you use that keyword.
    you may wish to add it as a h2 tag and place it in the text somewhere else.

    how to get flat abs - is no where either. you may want to change that to a h2 or make it you h1 tag.

    h1 tag should be your main keyword(s)/phrase h2 your next major keywords.

    so "the truth about six pack abs" you may want "six pack abs" as a keyword phrase.

    while Google may be phasing out keywords i think a lot of this stuff will still be valuable for them and other search engines.

    Hope this helps you some.

    Best Regards,
    Culinary Website Design : Cooking Blog :

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    Overall the site looks great. From a designers perspective, there are a couple things you might want to fix.

    The photo behind the "Promise of Flat Abs" section, is not the best quality. Also, the margin on the left side of the page differs from the margin on the right side of the page...(httpbackslash)(backslash)tinypic(dot)com/r/zufhq8/6
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    Nice design, Lookup is good, nice product describe...
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    Design is good!
    Add some bright contrasting picture in the first red tab with header "Promise of Six Pack Abs".
    Change the font style wherever you would like to highlight some info. It looks weird if the whole site has the same font and reader often gets a feel of looking some word DOC.

    Good Luck!
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    I like it overall but the first gray box is a bit of a distraction.

    Very Good!!!
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      nice layout and good attempt at design. most stuff I am in agreement above.

      The opt in box on the right though has me a little confused. You mention "CLAIM YOUR FREE SIX PACK ABS SECRET NOW" but then underneath have ($37.70) not sure what that is about is it free, is it a trial?

      Also your H1 tag line maybe a bit of padding-right to bring it away from the edge.

      Good attempt though. as mentioned before a good template for future campaigns. A little work needed though

      Hope this helps.


      If you are looking for cheap hosting ** Slim Lizard **

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    I think you should add some image who have some good abs and it being highlighted. This is a pretty decent site. All the best with it.
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    Sites looks good but small changes to be done
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    I think it looks good. It's got a simple yet professional feel to it. It looks like, for new 'customers', that it would be a legit site for information. Good job.

    PM me if you need a custom WP plugin or a website built!

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    Personally i'd test it before making any BIG changes.

    Sometimes WE (webdesigners, IM'ers) think we know if it's good or not, but our visitors think differently and they are our main goal: this is not a fashion contest.

    And yes, what I think is good, often poorly converts WHILE a different design (the one I hate) has stronger conversions.

    So please, just give it some time, send some traffic to it and see how it converts.

    No point going changing just because someone said to.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    I have another opinion - I`m sory but this site it`s like almost 10k sites who sell 1 product (a book, a cd who changes your life).

    I think you need some more profesional on design - I mean use a top menu or sidebar not on footer.

    Try webmaster tool from google to find 404 error pages like :

    Try to have the same design on entire site and many others.
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    Yeah, the same design on the entire site is almost a must.

    PM me if you need a custom WP plugin or a website built!

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    I like your website and would like to trade a link with you.

    let me know if you are interested.
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