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Hi everyone. I really need just a little help I think... I installed WP with Hostgator. My main domain was purchased at yahoo and is pointed to HG.

Then. I wanted to use another name instead, so i added it as an Add-On and set up WP blog on it as home/public_html/thisseconddomainname.com

I did the same thing 2 more times.

Is that not good? Is there a way to change it all? (My content on them is either nil, or can be deleted. It's all pretty much practice... for now.)

I would like to still use WP as a blog, buy a premium theme, and be able to make separate pages for the other domains, and link them all within. Since all my content is just practice, is it all re-doable? What would happen if I delete the Add-ons...?

Hope this makes sense. I go into Hostgator and think.......now what?

Thanks for just being here! Thanks very much for any help...
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    Firstly if you own the domain names they are separate to hosing, you can delete the sites from Hostgator and you still have the domains and can point them wherever you want (including leaving them at Hostgator). Don't forget to leave time for the changes to be seen everywhere.

    Secondly when you create the add-on domains I would expect the directories to be empty. If you wish to use WP on each site you will need to install it on each site. So you will have 4 separate installations of WP. I am not entirely certain if you did this or not.

    When you want to work on each domain you need to log out of the admin panel and login as the user for the domain that you want to set up WP into. This can be quite a pain, becuase HostGator cookies may hand around. It may require you to close your browser and open it again.

    Does that help at all???

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      Hi Sue,

      Yes, very much. Let's see:

      1. I can delete my sites and still leave them pointed to HG to re-activate later?

      2. I may not have to. Maybe I have it right... I did set up WP on each one.

      3. My question is, I put them as Add-ons, and the directory for each of the 3 Add-ons is: home/public_html/mydomainaddon.com. Is that the best way? Or should I have put a "blog" page in each one separately? The way they are now, I am 'posting' in each one as posts on the "main page". (home) But in the Nav Bar it doesn't list "Home" as a page, it just automatically goes to the 'home page' first....

      That's what I wonder, is that the way it should be?

      Someone else posted somewhere that he made a custom home page, and then had a page called "blog"...... and he wanted the custom home page to be static.....

      Is there a way I can do that? Thanks !!
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        Sue, i just got it all figured out. Watched jason keith's youtube videos and they were perfect! thanks for your kindness...
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          Originally Posted by missm2m View Post

          Sue, i just got it all figured out. Watched jason keith's youtube videos and they were perfect! thanks for your kindness...
          Hey Missm2m,

          Do you happen to be able to pinpoint a little better where you found those video's.

          I did a search on youtube for jason Keith and only found religious stuff.

          Maybe a link?



          Changing Life for my family "One" Click at a time.

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            Hi Mm

            Sure! His ID is homebusinessinsiders (looks like he has 4 different videos on WP and they're great)

            hope this link works:
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