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Hello warriors,

I was wondering if anyone here has ever used Zen Cart or currently uses Zen Cart for their ecommerce business. I am trying to build a website from scratch and I have experience with Zen Cart. I have everything in order but the looks of the site, and need a good template to use.

I see tons of awesome ones out there but of course the free ones all look like garbage and the paid ones all look amazing and are beyond my meager budget. Does anyone know how to get a great template for free or at a decent price?

Thanks for the help!
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    You can use Open Source shopping cart instead of zen cart. OS is widely used and a lot more designer friendly if it is going to be a customized template.

    Mind blowing Zen cart templates are always expensive. You can better choose the template which you like and if it is too expensive, just employ someone in warrior forum to design a template which is similar to that (not exactly the same) and you can build your website spending few more days in excess.

    Good luck!
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    I've ever used zen cart 4 or 5 years ago. Now I'm using PrestaShop. It's open source and free with template based.
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    At the end of the day, if your serious about whatever your selling. You shouldnt be looking for the cheap way out. Esp if it comes down to a $40 template.

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      Originally Posted by PyrogenicMedia View Post

      At the end of the day, if your serious about whatever your selling. You shouldnt be looking for the cheap way out. Esp if it comes down to a $40 template.
      This is true, but that isn't to say it can't be done with a $40 template or even with no money being spent at all. I've saw oscommerce shops with nothing but the default template whose owners were making good money.

      If I were you, I would go with an open source option like oscommerce or something similar. You always want to minimize your costs in business. Paying for a shopping cart is sort of foolish when there are so many options available for free that do just as good or better of a job. Just my 2 cents...
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        I just started using Zen cart and i customized mine to go with my website it is connected with - minor customization mind you !

        I was using godaddy's quick cart and LOVED it but it was to pricey for me each month just starting out. ANd the more products you have the price increases.

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    i am using zen-cart too, the site name is cateb , and i helped my friend builing a site. frackly speaking, i don't think they are good looking because of free charge. i looked for a beautiful template, but it seemed a dream never came true. So that's it, good luck to you

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    Kerrin Hardy has a nice, simple and clean looking free template on her website, and she sells an invaluable ebook on how to modify the CSS in Zen so you can customize and create your own templates. Zen customization has quite a learning curve, so the time saved is well worth the $10 if you are serious about making mods to existing templates.
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