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Link is in my signature. Just want some opinions.

I figured Warriors have good eyes for websites so let me know what you think.


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      Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the input.

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    I like it but i think that the shadow is overused. At some parts it makes it blurry. I would atleast lower the opacity on them.
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    One easy change that I would recommend doing is lowering the opacity of the shadows. It will make it look more subtle and fluid.


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      Thanks for the replies!

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        Your site is very clean and well organized. Something to think about is to add some more visual representations of what it is your selling. For example, some icons or illustrations would really boost the immediate appeal of your site as well as convey your main purpose before the visitor even starts reading your content. Best of luck!

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    Nice logo by the way!

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      Thanks Jerome!

      It's a work in progress as always lol

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    The website layout is okay already, just the color seems not too eye catching yet, try to make it more 3D feel? with highlight on the top of the red color.

    And one more thing, you can shorten your header. It takes too much spaces already. People comes to the website is probably to view content but not too much on the header.

    Hope my suggestion help.

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    Design is good and professional. But add some banner image so that it looks good. I believe you are redoing the site now. So add some contrasting colors and make it look more attractive.

    Make some ways so that your customers makes the payment through your site so that it would not be difficult for them to make payment.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks Paul.

      I'm working on a banner right now to boost the appeal a bit more.


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  • Hi Tom

    As a designer and business owner I looked at your site and wanted to give you the following honest feedback. Most people look at sites and say "oh that's nice & well done" but I like to give a fair and honest evaluation.

    What I liked about your site:

    Love your logo, very creative
    Your sales copy is good
    You seems like an honest personable business owner and this comes across in your site
    Navigation is easy

    What I didn't like:

    -If I say I'm not fond of the overall design, I think this is too broad a statement. To me the design is lacking.

    - Color's not inviting and not easy on the eyes.

    - Shadows are too much.

    - Your header where your logo sits is way too big. All this wasted space. The header is so important visually. If it were my clients site, I would make the logo smaller, increase the header width to 940px and move the navigation links up.

    - There's no visual representation of your design skills on the home page. You need to go above and beyond here. From a consumer point of view, if they look at your home page and see nothing that wows them, they will go to someone else (I know this from experience). They won't hunt through your site looking for a portfolio if they don't like the home page design. I'm a big believe that a picture speaks a thousand words. I believe consumers don't and won't read through lines of small copy text in order to find out what a business offers (your home page suffers from this) . A picture or photo ad will tell someone and show someone what you can provide in an instant. Your most valuable real estate (the who are we section) is wasted space. The right side is ok but again, what are you offering that shows you are special and different from the 1,000's of other web design firms competing for your customers??

    I would check out some design blogs which show great designs and use those to get your your creative juices flowing. is one of my fav's.

    Create something spectacular Tom, I know you can do it!
    Financial Thing: Peer to Peer Lending Reviews
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    I see you've gotten some good feedback, but I'll add a few suggestions from a usability standpoint:

    1: You've got too much wasted space in your header area. The above the fold space is the most valuable - don't waste it with a big open space like that. I'd decrease the height of the header and add your phone number.

    2: The gray buttons on your homepage should be clickable.

    3: Each package listed on the homepage should have a link to learn more about it/buy it.

    4: The email address should be hyperlinked, in addition to the email logo.

    Hope these help.
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